TOra : Admin Tool Kit for Oracle

TOra is an open source database administration and sql tool for Oracle. With TOra you can perform virtually any administrative task on your Oracle database servers - anything from user and security management to server tuning.

It's schema browser together with the sql editor is an ideal tool for both developers and database administrators.

TOra handles multiple connections and it's advanced sql editor includes code completion and syntax highlighting - and for performance it displays your execution plan. A project that is a worthy competitor to the commercial products.

OpenLaszlo : Building Rich Internet Applications

OpenLaszlo is an open source development platform for web applications. It's main target today is generating macromedia flash files (swf)and AJAX/DHTML for use on web pages and sites.

OpenLaszlo is script based with it's own LZX programming language - and eventhough it does not provide a wysiwyg user interface it a still simple to use and applications are easy to build.

For building rich internet applications
OpenLaszlo is a great tool. And recently OpenLaszlo and SUN made a joint announcement to make OpenLaszlo available on Java micro edition (J2ME), which includes mobilephones and set-top boxes.

OpenLaszlo is the only rich internet platform that lets you write once and compile to both flash and DHTML. It's easy to get started with OpenLaszlo.

Monkey in the Plane

Once in Brazil a plane crashed, only a monkey who was traveling in the plane
was left alive.

Fortunately the monkey was intelligent enough to understand our language and
reply in actions.

The officials went to see the monkey in the hospital and had a talk with the

Officer: 'When the plane took off what were the travelers doing?'
Monkey: 'Tying their belts'

Officer: 'What were the air hostesses doing?'
Monkey: 'Saying Hello! Good morning!'

Officer: 'What were the pilots doing?'
Monkey: 'Checking the system'

Officer: 'What were you doing?'
Monkey: 'Looking for my people'

Officer: 'After 10' minutes what were the travelers doing?'
Monkey: 'Having beverages and snacks'

Officer: 'What were the air hostesses doing?'
Monkey: 'Serving the travelers'

Officer: 'What were the Pilots doing?'
Monkey: 'Handling the steering'

Officer: 'What were you doing?'
Monkey: 'Eating & throwing'

Officer: 'After 30 minutes what were the travelers doing?'
Monkey: 'Some were sleeping and some were reading'

Officer: 'What were the air hostesses doing?'
Monkey: 'Make up'

Officer: 'What were the pilots doing?'
Monkey: 'Handling the steering'

Officer: 'What were you doing?'
Monkey: 'Nothing'

Officer: 'Just before plane crash what were the travelers doing?'
Monkey: 'All were sleeping'

Officer: 'What were the pilots doing?'
Monkey: 'Handling the air hostess'

Officer: What were you doing?
Monkey: Handling the steering!!!!!

No more Questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Wifi?

"Wifi" means "wireless fidelity". The term "wifi" refers to certain kinds of wireless local area networks, or WLAN (as opposed to LAN, or computers that are networked together with wires).

Travelers with PDA's (like Blackberries) and other handheld devices or laptops with wireless cards can connect to the internet via wifi. A wireless card is like a modem without a phone line (like an airport card in a Mac).

Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity. It refers to a local area network which uses high frequency radio signals to send and receive data over short distances (approx. 200 feet).

Wi-fi is also written as wifi, WiFI or even WIFI.

Wi-Fi is also the trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, the trade organization that defines the Wi-Fi standards.

Wi-Fi or wireless is used to refer to communicating without cords or cables. It mainly refers to using radio frequencies and/or infrared waves.

What is Xpdf?

Xpdf is an open source PDF or Acrobat file viewer. Designed and works under virtually any unix operating system.

Only its command-line tool are available in Windows.

Xpdf support the latest PDF standard and can even extract text from PDFs if they are not protected. A PDF-to-Postscript converter is also included with this project.

XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor is a versatile XML editor primarily focused on text editing with XML files. However, XML Copy Editor provides many other features including validation of DTD and XML schemas - as well as XSLT and XPath.

The tag-free editing allows simple editing of XML files without having to worry about or look at all of the XML tags. And like other development editors XML Copy Editor supports folding so that less important parts of the XML file can be minimized during editing.

Additionally XML Copy Editor include spell checking and import and export of Microsoft Word documents, however, only on the Microsoft Windows platform.

A Safe Secure Web Browser For your Kids!

Here is the solution for your kids. You can download and install the KIDO'Z Browser in your Computer.

Features of KIDO'Z Browser :
          Safe & free internet browsing for kids.
          Easy to use. Kids don't need to know how to read or write.
          Direct access to the best sites, videos and games for kids on the net.

When you first download and install the browser. And run it, A little window should pop up asking your your child's name, and the parent's name and email. just fill in those detail's and your ready to go.

It needs Adobe AIR to run this browser.

How to open / edit .docx, .xlsx, .pptx using Office 2003?

You installed Office 2003 in your machine. You do not have Office 2007 on your machine.

Now your friend mailed to you a file which is created by office 2007.

What will you do?
How will you open Office 2007 based files (i.e., .docx, .xlsx, .pptx) in office 2003?

Here is the procedure to do:

1) Download "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats" from Microsoft.

2) Install it on your machine.

By installing the Compatibility Pack in addition to Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003, you will be able to open, edit, and save files using the file formats new to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.

One more way:

How the undersea cables are being fixed?

Thanks :

What These Words Have In Common

See If You Can Figure Out What These Words Have In Common.......


Are You Peeking Or Have You Already Given Up?

Give It Another Try....

OK... Here You Go... Hope You Didn't Cheat.

This Is Cool.



In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it at the
end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same
Did you figure it out?

My Rules For A Relations

You can apply these to Family too and vary them. I hope they help you find a
true friend, raise a family, or that good marriage the rest of your life. It
did for me 27 years and still working at it.

1. You are best "Friends":
You tell each other your problems and you both "Listen" until finished. Then
if asked your opinion, you give it, or you may ask; "If you would like to
hear my opinion? " Respect" the answer whether wrong or right.

2. Be a good "Listener":
We all need some one to talk to and what better a person than a "Friend",
Listen to each other.

3. "Respect" one another:
This means "Opinions", "Privacy" and very important, they're "Feelings".

4. Do not find "Faults "in one another:
No one is "Perfect" besides if we were, we wouldn't be here.

5. Learn to "Shut Up":
It takes "Two to Argue", unless you argue with you, then that's another

6. "Comfort" and "Care"
for one another: Sometimes it is badly needed; this is a very important
thing to do.

7. "Love":
Oh yes, "Love" one another the most important thing. Well you are on your
way. Just keep working on the first Six. It may take years.

Lateral Thinking

If you are good in lateral thinking, then you can be a good strategic
thinker or... be a part of Think Tank. Here is an interesting quiz to
test your Lateral Thinking abilities --- Think!

1. There is a man who lives on the top floor of a very tall building.
Everyday he gets the elevator down to the ground floor to leave the
building to go to work.Upon returning from work though, he can only
travel half way up in the lift and has to walk the rest of the way
unless it's raining! Why?

(This is probably the best known and most celebrated of all lateral
thinking puzzles. It is a true classic. Although there are many
possible solutions which fit the initial conditions, only the
canonical answer is truly satisfying. )

2. A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on the
scene, but the child is rushed to the hospital. When he arrives the
surgeon says,

"I can't operate on this boy, he is my son! "
How can this be?

3. A man is wearing black. Black shoes, socks, trousers, lumper,
gloves and balaclava. He is walking down a black street with all the
street lamps off.

A black car is coming towards him with its light off but somehow
manages to stop in time. How did the driver see the man?

4. Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?
This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle that can
be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a
very well-known software company as an interview question for
prospective employees.

5. A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left
early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently
died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

6. A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water.
The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says
'Thank you' and walks out.

(This puzzle claims to be the best of the genre. It is simple in its
statement, absolutely baffling and yet with a completely satisfying
solution. Most people struggle very hard to solve this one yet they
like the answer when they hear it or have the satisfaction of figuring
it out. )

1. The man is very, very short and can only reach halfway up the
elevator buttons. However,if it is raining then he will have his
umbrella with him and can press the higher buttons with it.

2. The surgeon was his mother.

3. It was day time.

4. A square manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal
of the manhole. A round manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So
for safety and practicality, all manhole covers should be round.

5. The poison in the punch came from the ice cubes. When the man Drank
the punch, the ice was fully frozen. Gradually it melted, poisoning
the punch.

6.. The man had hiccups. The barman recognized this from his speech
and drew the gun in order to give him a shock. It worked and cured the
hiccups-so the man no longer needed the water.

Why I like Retirement : Humour

Question: How many days in a week?

Answer: 6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday

Question: When is a retiree's bedtime?

Answer: Three hours after he falls asleep on the couch.

Question: How many retirees to change a light bulb?

Answer: Only one, but it might take all day.

Question: What's the biggest gripe of retirees?

Answer: There is not enough time to get everything done.

Question: Why don't retirees mind being called Seniors?

Answer: The term comes with a 10% percent discount.

Question: Among retirees what is considered formal attire?

Answer: Tied shoes.

Question: Why do retirees count pennies?

Answer: They are the only ones who have the time.

Question: What is the common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses
to retire?

Answer: NUTS!

Question: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or

Answer: They know that as soon as they do, one of their adult kids will
want to store stuff there.

Question: What do retirees call a long lunch?

Answer: Normal.

Question: What is the best way to describe retirement?

Answer: The never ending Coffee Break.

Question: What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a

Answer: If you cut classes, no one calls your parents.

Question: Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but
misses the people he used to work with?

Answer: He is too polite to tell the whole truth.

Stress Reliever : Humour Special

Wife: Honey..... What are You Looking for ?
Husband: Nothing.
Wife: Nothing...?? U've been reading our marriage certificate 4 an hour !
Husband: I was just looking for the expiry date.

Q - What is the difference between Mother & Wife ?
A - One woman brings you into this world crying...& the other ensures you
continue to do so.

Wife: Do you want dinner?
Husband: Sure, what are my choices?
Wife: Yes and no.

Wife: You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office.

Hubby: When there is a problem, no matter how impossible, I look at
your picture and the problem disappears.

Wife: You see, how miraculous and powerful I am for you?

Hubby: Yes, I see your picture and say to myself,
"What other problem can there be greater than this one?"

Girl: When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and
lighten your burden.

Boy: It's very kind of you, darling, but I don't have any worries or

Girl: Well that's because we aren't married yet.

Son: Mom, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me
to give up my seat to a lady.

Mom: Well, you have done the right thing.

Son: But mum, I was sitting on daddy's lap.

A newly married man asked his wife, "Would you have married me if my
father hadn't left me a fortune?"

"Honey," the woman replied sweetly, "I'd have married you NO MATTER

Father to son after exam: "let me see your report card."

Son: "My friend just borrowed it! He wants to scare his parents."

Interviewer to Milionaire: To whom do you owe your success as a

Millionaire: "I owe everything to my wife."
Interviewer: "Wow, she must be some woman. What were you before
you married her?"

Millionaire: "Billionaire"

Girl to her boyfriend: One kiss and I'll be yours forever.

The guy replies: Thanks for the warning.

A wife asked her husband: "What do you like most in me -- my pretty
face or my sexy body?"
He looked at her from head to toe and replied: "I like your sense of

Open Source Projects in C#

Do you want to know more about C# based open source projects?

Please visit the following Links :

Free PDF Unlock Online Utility

Some PDF documents prevent the user from copying and pasting or printing it's contents. This sometimes presents a problem since the author of the PDF might have used a font that is not available in the sytem trying to read it. This page contains a free online utility that allows you to upload a PDF, once uploaded, a version of the PDF without printing or copying/pasting restrictions is displayed in a new browser window.

Do you want to unlock PDFs?

Please visit here :

Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility

Microsoft Excel allows a user to protect one or more sheets in a spreadsheet. Protected sheets cannot be modified without entering a password (chosen by the person that protected the spreadsheet). Sometimes these passwords are lost, therefore protected spreadsheets are permanently locked.

Please click the following link to unlock Excel Spreadhseets :

Great Sayings On Marriage

I recently read that love is entirely a matter of chemistry.
That must be why my wife treats me like toxic waste.

David Bissonette

When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.

Sacha Gui try

After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just
can't face each other, but still they stay together.

Hemant Joshi

By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a
bad one, you'll become a philosopher.


Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them.


The great question.... Which I have not been able to answer... Is, "What
does a woman want?

Sigmund Freud

"I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years."

Sam Kinison

"There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic
banking. It's called marriage."

James Holt McGavran

"I've had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me, and the
second one didn't."

Patrick Murray

The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it


You know what I did before I married? Anything I wanted to.

Henny Youngman

My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.

Rodney Dangerfield

A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong.

Milton Berlet

Marriage is the only war where one sleeps with the enemy.


First Guy (proudly): "My wife's an angel!"

Second Guy: "You're lucky, mine's still alive."


SQL Basic Questions with Answers

1.What is DDL and DML ?

DDL :- Data defination Language

its having four commands

Create , Alter , Drop , Truncate

DML :- Data manuplation language

Insert , Update , Delete , select

2.How can you compare a part of the name rather than the entire name ?

SELECT * FROM people WHERE empname LIKE ‘%ab%’
Would return a recordset with records consisting empname the sequence ‘ab‘ in empname .

3.How could I get distinct entries from a table ?

The SELECT statement in conjunction with DISTINCT lets you select a set of distinct values from a table in a database. The values selected from the database table would of course depend on the various conditions that are specified in the SQL query.

SELECT DISTINCT empname FROM emptable

4.How to get the results of a Query sorted in any order ?

You can sort the results and return the sorted results to your program by using ORDER BY keyword thus saving you the pain of carrying out the sorting yourself. The ORDER BY keyword is used for sorting.

SELECT empname, age, city FROM emptable ORDER BY empname

5.How can I find the total number of records in a table ?

You could use the COUNT keyword , example

6.What is GROUP BY ?

The GROUP BY keywords have been added to SQL because aggregate functions (like SUM) return the aggregate of all column values every time they are called. Without the GROUP BY functionality, finding the sum for each individual group of column values was not possible

7.What is the difference among “dropping a table”, “truncating a table” and “deleting all records” from a table ?

Dropping : (Table structure + Data are deleted), Invalidates the dependent objects ,Drops the indexes

Truncating: (Data alone deleted), Performs an automatic commit, Faster than delete

Delete : (Data alone deleted), Doesn’t perform automatic commit

8.What are the Large object types suported by Oracle ?

Blob and Clob

9.Difference between a “where” clause and a “having” clause ?

Having clause is used only with group functions whereas Where is not used with.

10.What’s the difference between a primary key and a unique key ?

Both primary key and unique enforce uniqueness of the column on which they are defined. But by default primary key creates a clustered index on the column, where are unique creates a nonclustered index by default. Another major difference is that, primary key doesn’t allow NULLs, but unique key allows one NULL only.

11.What are triggers? How to invoke a trigger on demand ?

Triggers are special kind of stored procedures that get executed automatically when an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operation takes place on a table.

Triggers can’t be invoked on demand. They get triggered only when an associated action (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) happens on the table on which they are defined.

Triggers are generally used to implement business rules, auditing. Triggers can also be used to extend the referential integrity checks, but wherever possible, use constraints for this purpose, instead of triggers, as constraints are much faster.

12. What is a join and explain different types of joins ?

Joins are used in queries to explain how different tables are related. Joins also let you select data from a table depending upon data from another table.

Types of Joins

INNER JOINS: It will pull all the rows from both tables where there is a match.

SELECT postid, posts.title, commentid, comments.title FROM posts INNER JOIN comments ON posts.postid = comments.postid

LEFT OUTER JOIN: It will pull all the rows from left side of a join regardless of whether there is a match on the right side of join. Anything missing on the right side will be replaced by NULL.

SELECT postid, posts.title, commentid, comments.title FROM posts LEFT OUTER JOIN comments ON posts.postid = comments.postid

RIGHT OUTER JOIN: It will pull all the rows from the right side of a join regardless of whether there is a match on the left side of join. Anything missing on the left side will be replaced by NULL.

SELECT postid, posts.title, commentid, comments.title FROM posts
RIGHT OUTER JOIN comments ON posts.postid = comments.postid

CROSS JOIN: It returns a row of each combination of rows between the two tables. If you had 5 rows in each table, you’ed end up with 25 rows in the result set.

SELECT Products.ProductName, Products.UnitPrice, Temporary.Amount FROM Products CROSS JOIN Temporary ORDER BY Products.ProductName, Temporary.Amount

13.What is a Self Join ?

Self join is just like any other join, except that two instances of the same table will be joined in the query.

SELECT DISTINCT c1.ContactName, c1.Address, c1.City, c1.Region
FROM Customers AS c1, Customers AS c2
WHERE c1.Region = c2.Region
AND c1.ContactName <> c2.ContactName
ORDER BY c1.Region, c1.ContactName;

14.What is Cursor ?

It is private SQL area to execute the sql quries and store the information. There are two types of cursors implicit cursors and explicit cursors.

Implicit cursors are system defined and returns one row. Explicit cursors are user defined and returns multiple rows

15.How do you get Column names only for a table (SQL Server) ?

select name from syscolumns
where id=(select id from sysobjects where name=’user_hdr’)
order by colid –user_hdr is the table name

16.How to find stored procedures ?

select procedure_name from all_procedures

17.What are Extended stored procedures ?

Extended stored procedures let you create your own external routines in a programming language such as C. Extended stored procedures are DLLs that an instance of Microsoft SQL Server can dynamically load and run. Extended stored procedures run directly in the address space of an instance of SQL Server and are programmed by using the SQL Server Extended Stored Procedure API.

18. Explain about Cursors ?

Cursors are database objects used to traverse the results of an SQL query. They point to a certain location within a recordset and allow the operator to move forward (and sometimes backward, depending upon the cursor type) through the results one record at a time. There are different types of cursors: Static, Dynamic, Forward-only, Keyset-driven.

Cursors extend result processing by:

* Allowing positioning at specific rows of the result set.
* Retrieving one row or block of rows from the current position in the result set.
* Supporting data modifications to the rows at the current position in the result set.
* Supporting different levels of visibility to changes made by other users to the database data that is presented in the result set.
* Providing Transact-SQL statements in scripts, stored procedures, and triggers access to the data in a result set.

Disadvantages of cursors:

Each time you fetch a row from the cursor, it results in a network roundtrip, where as a normal SELECT query makes only one rowundtrip, however large the resultset is. Cursors are also costly because they require more resources and temporary storage (results in more IO operations). Furthere, there are restrictions on the SELECT statements that can be used with some types of cursors.


CREATE OR REPLACE Function FindCourse
( name_in IN varchar2 )
RETURN number
cnumber number;

SELECT course_number
from courses_tbl
where course_name = name_in;


open c1;
fetch c1 into cnumber;

if c1%notfound then
cnumber := 9999;
end if;

close c1;

RETURN cnumber;


19.Explain about Stored Procedures ?

A stored procedure is a group of SQL statements that form a logical unit and perform a particular task. Stored procedures are used to encapsulate a set of operations or queries to execute on a database server.For example, operations on an employee database (hire, fire, promote, lookup) could be coded as stored procedures executed by application code. Stored procedures can be compiled and executed with different parameters and results, and they may have any combination of input, output, and input/output parameters.

No Param
INSERT INTO oracle_table VALUES(’string 1′);
IN Param
INSERT INTO oracle_table VALUES(x);
OUT Param
INSERT INTO oracle_table VALUES(’string 2′);
x := ‘outvalue’; // Assign a value to x
IN/OUT Param
INSERT INTO oracle_table VALUES(x); // Use x as IN parameter
x := ‘outvalue’; // Use x as OUT parameter

20.Explain about Views ?

View is a virtual or logical table composed of the result set of a query. Unlike orginary tables in a relational database, a view is not part of the physical schema. It is a dynamic virtual table computed or collated from data in the database. Chainging the data in a table alters the data shown in the view.

Views can provide advantages over tables

* They can subset the data contained in a table
* They can join and simplify multiple tables into a single virtual table
* Views can act as aggregated tables, where aggregated data (sum,average etc.) are calculated and presented as part of the data
* Views can hide the complexity of data,
* Views do not incur any extra storage overhead
* Depending on the SQL engine used, views can provide extra security.
* Limit the exposure to which a table or tables are exposed to outer world
* Rows in a view are not sorted. So we cannot use ORDER BY clause in the view definition.

AS SELECT First_Name, Last_Name, Country
FROM Customer

21.Stored Function Vs Stored Procedure

Function :

1. Should return atleast one output parameter.Can return more than one parameter using OUT argument.

2. Parsed and compiled at runtime.

3.Cannot affect the state of database.

4.Can be invoked from SQL statement e.g. SELECT.

5. Functions are mainly used to compute values.


1. Doesn’t need to return values, but can return value.

2.Stored as a pseudo-code in database i.e. compiled form.

3.Can affect the state of database using commit etc.

4.Cannnot be invoked from SQL statements e.g. SELECT.

5.Procedures are mainly used to process the tasks.

How to convert .DOC to .PDF online?

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What is Total Text Container?

Using Total Text Container you can Store Documentation, Notes, Passwords, Images, Bookmarks, Contacts, Spreadsheets, Money Transactions, Calendar Events & Tasks, iCalander events, CD/DVD/Movie catalogs, Multi layer encryption, Portable, xml database, all in one powerfull PIM app.

How to convert Excel 2007 to 2003 anonymously?

Using, We can convert our 2007 based .xlsx files into 2003 based .xls.

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How to connect Gmail with Out Look?

We can use Microsoft Outlook to get e-mail from Gmail. We need to configure some settings in Gmail and Outlook. Please follow the below links for detailed configuration for connecting Outlook with Gmail.

The Gmail Notifier

Gmail Notifier is the freeware application by Google. 
It is used to get mail alert for every new mail from Gmail. 

After instaling this Gmail Notifer, It will stay in Taskbar's System Tray. 
It will show the mail alert with sender's name and title.

Download Link :

Brilliant Short Story written by Dr. Kishore Shah

He is a gynaecologist in Pune and a very gifted writer....enjoy this
extremely funny story.

My wife is an ENT Surgeon while I am a Gynaecologist. This can lead to some
complications, as I recently learned to my anguish.

A General Practitioner called me up and told me that she is sending a
patient of hers for an abortion. Unknown to me, she had also referred a female with earwax for
removal of the wax to my wife.

I duly informed the receptionist to send the patient right in as she was
expected (and expecting!) As Murphy lays down the laws of our hospital, it
was but natural that the patient who wanted the wax removed from her ear,
landed up with me.

This is the conversation that I had with the patient.

"Please come in. Be seated..." I said with a big smile. I always have a
big smile, when I am going to earn some money. The patient gave a feeble smile
and sat hesitantly on the edge of the chair. "Relax."

"Doctor, will this hurt a lot?"

"Not at all."

The patient relaxed visibly. "You know something, Doctor, we tried
removing it at home, but failed.."

I was shocked. "Thank God. Trying this at home can cause serious
complications. "

"I first tried to remove it by jumping up and down, but it just wouldn't

I smiled and said, "If it were that easy, who would need doctors?"
She gave a cute smile and said, "Yeah! My neighbour tried to remove it
with his finger, but the hole is so small that he used a hair pin."
"Oh my God!"

"Yes! My mother even tried a matchstick."

My blood pressure was shooting skywards. I just sputtered without uttering
a word.

"Tell me, doctor, how do I avoid getting this dirt inside me?"

I knew that it was an unwanted pregnancy, but calling it dirt was too

I replied a bit angrily, "There are tablets which can prevent this
happening. Or you could use protection at night."

Now it was the patient's turn to be confused, "You mean to say that it
happens only at night?"

I saw her point. "No! No! I meant anytime of the day, whenever you are in
the mood, you should use protection."

She was even more confused, "It depends on my moods?"

Again I saw her point. "My mistake. You need not be in any sort of mood.
It just happens."

"My neighbour advised me to go to one of those chaps who sit by the

"You mean that pin man?"


This neighbour of hers seemed to be a very dangerous man. Besides using
pins, he was sending her to such quacks. The only safety he knew was among
the pins. "You were wise not to heed his advice."

"But I tried his other advice. He told me to put warm oil inside and wait.
However, that also did not work."

This was getting more and more bizarre. Her neighbour deserved to be
locked up either in a padded cell or a barred one.

"But have you taken your husband's permission?"

Now the patient looked confused. "Do I have to take my husband's

Because if you need his sign, he is working in Dubai . We were not able to
meet for the last one year."

It was my turn to be shocked. I gave a sly smirk. It was one of 'those'
cases. The pin-wielding neighbour seemed to me the usual suspect. I
reassured her. "No! No! The husband's sign is not at all needed."
"However, I did inform him on phone."

Her husband seemed to me a very broad-minded fellow. I didn't know whether
to congratulate her or to commiserate with her. So I hastily turned to
other aspects. "Its good that you came a bit early."

"Actually I wanted to come early in the morning, but I had some other

"Oh! I did not mean early today. I meant that if you had delayed this
removal, it would have started moving. Then it would have developed a

The patient was staring at me wide eyed as if watching a horror movie.
Looking at her face, I decided that she was not fit to listen to the
grotesque details. I decided to relieve her a bit. I said, "You will bleed
a bit, but only for a few days."

By now, the poor patient was trembling, "how-H-How much bleeding?"

"Oh, only slightly more than your menstrual period, and it will continue
only for a week or so."

By now the patient was clutching her hair in her fingers and staring at me
wide-eyed. I asked her soothingly, "Why don't you lie down on the
examination table? Remove your clothes and relax."

This was the final straw. She didn't even wish me goodbye.

I saw just a blur of motion leaving my consulting room at top speed.

Wonderful Drug : Try, No side effects

The original recipe...... ....... Very useful for Heart Blockage.

Natural therapy for heart vein opening and major diseases, please pass it to
your colleagues or friends.

For Heart Vein opening
1) Lemon juice 01 cup
2) Ginger juice 01 cup
3) Garlic juice 01 cup
4) Apple vinegar 01 cup

Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half hour, when it
becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. After cooling, mix 3
cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle.

Every morning before breakfast, use one Tablespoon regularly. Your blockage
of Vein's will open (No need any Angiography or by pass) Nature's wonder
drug is a cheap way to beat obesity, cancer, asthma and more.

Top doctors have revealed that the combination of garlic, vinegar, and honey
is a wonder drug that can cure every thing from cancer to arthritis. Amazing
studies from respected universities around the world prove the miracle home
remedy that costs just pennies a day to make is a super way to fight just
about any affliction. Experts have verified that this health-restoring trio
of garlic, vinegar, and honey can wipe out both common and uncommon
ailments. Successes include ache, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, high blood
pressure, some forms of cancer, excessive cholesterol level, colds, flu,
gas, and indigestion, headaches, heart and circulatory problems,
hemorrhoids, infertility and impotence, toothaches, obesity, ulcers and many
other diseases and conditions. In a study of arthritis victims Dr. Angus
Peters of the University of Edinburgh's Arthritis Research Institute found a
daily dose of vinegar and honey reduced pains by 90%.

A daily dose of garlic and vinegar has proved to be a powerful fat destroyer
and weight reducer, according to Dr Raymond Fish of London's famous Obesity
Research Center.

The prestigious British medical journal Lancet reported that cholesterol
levels plunged on average from231.4 to 224.4 after volunteers consumed 50
grams of garlic and four ounces of butter. The study proved the dangers
associated with high fat foods can be neutralized by adding garlic to your
diet. A study of 261 adult patients by the German Association of general
Practitioners indicated that serum cholesterol and triglyceride level
factors associated with the risk of heart disease are significantly reduced
by regular use of garlic in the diet. Studies at Housing's MD Anderson
Cancer Institute in Houston, the Pennsylvania State University, and GCLA
support earlier evidence that certain ingredients in garlic block agents the
cancer of the breast, colon, esophagus, and skin. The National Cancer
Institute found in a study of 1,000 people that eating a lot of garlic is
linked to a reduced risk of stomach cancer. Dr.Etik Block of the State
university of New York at Albany has discovered garlic unleashes at least
100 sulfur-producing components, all of which are powerful medicines.

There appears to be little doubt that this astounding remedy of garlic
vinegar and honey can extend life by protecting the user of many proven

Dr. Hen Lee Tsao writes in China's respected journal of Natural Medicines.

'Patients given this miracle drink before breakfast showed a remarkable
reduction in high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week'
Italian nutritionist Emilio Steffani adds, 'Years of scientific
investigation by experts around the world have proven beyond a doubt that
garlic, vinegar, and honey are nature's magic potion.

'The three powerful ingredients are available everywhere and they cost only
pennies a day. Considering all that these natural substances can do for
human health, it is amazing they are not more widely used' Dr. Jack
Soltanoff a nutritional expert from New York, praises the benefits of the
apple cider vinegar. He has recorded remarkable success stories involving
arthritis sufferers,' I have seen many arthritis patients start to loosen up
at once 'says Dr.Soltanoff. Some even call it (apple cider vinegar) a
natural arthritis tonic that frees them from stiffness pain and throbbing

Within just few weeks most pain wrecked arthritis patients can perform
normal activities because of this simple tonic 'boxing legend Mohammad Ali
reportedly take a daily dose of garlic. Vinegar and honey to fight the
symptoms of Parkinson's disease and many other athletes use it to gain
competitive edge.

Dr. Tsao is sweet on the power of honey. 'Honey has been described as the
perfect food 'notes the respected researcher. It contains at least
31nutrients, 13 minerals, the component parts of nine vitamins six acids and
four key enzymes. Patients, who took the traditional vinegar and honey drink
daily, were more vigorous, had never cold or infectious diseases, and in
general were healthier than those who did not.

There is no question that this astounding drink elixir can extend life by
protecting you from many proved killers.

Honey not only makes your daily dose taste better. The sweet stuff also aids
in your body's ability to absorb the medical properties of the powerful
ingredients. Garlic provides in storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but
what excites researchers most is growing evidence that allicin, an enzyme
(amino acid) present in large amounts in garlic stimulates the immune


Here is how to make your own miracle medicine:

In a bowl, mix together one cup of cider vinegar-use only cider vinegar, one
cup of honey and eight cloves of chopped garlic. Place the combination in a
blender and mix on high speed for 60 seconds, pour the mixture in to jar or
other glass container, seal and have in the refrigerator for minimum of five
days. Normal dosage is two teaspoon in a glass of water or fruit juice,
grape or orange juice is best, before breakfast. A second dose, if
desiredcan be taken in the evening.

Wishing you a very good health .

How To Save YouTube Videos?

Step 1:
Choose Your Video
Step 2:
Imput The URL
Step 3:
Visit The Online Community

Social Networking:How To Save YouTube Videos

Step 4:
Download Your Video

Step 5:
Convert Your Video

Step 6:

What is RSS?

RSS is a technology that is being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites.

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Internet: Useful Tips:RSS In Plain English

Here's the difference between new and the old way. This is you and here are your favourite websites. You log onto your computer, and you're looking for something new, so you go out to your favourite blogs. Is there anything new there? Nope. You go out to your favourite news sites; is there anything new? Nope. Everytime you look for something new and it's not there, you've wasted valuable time. This is the old way.

Google Android Cupcake Video Demo - G1 On Screen Keyboard

Five fruits that work magic on your skin - Tips to look younger in 2010

Five fruits that work magic on your skin

Face it. Fruits can make you glow in more ways than one.

1. Papayas

"A papaya contains the enzyme papain, making it an excellent cleanser. It
also helps revive blemished and undernourished skin. It is particularly good
for oily skin and also lightens skin colour," says beauty expert Shahnaz

Use ripe papaya pulp as it is or mix with oatmeal, honey or curd and
apply on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water when dry.
Put a mix of papaya and cucumber pulp under the eyes to minimise dark

2. Apples

"Apart from vitamins and minerals, apples also contain pectin and tannin
that help tone and tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. Apples
are specially effective for those with sensitive and fair skin," says
natural beauty expert Suparna Trikha

To take care of sunburnt skin, add a teaspoon of glycerine to apple pulp
(grate the apple or put in mixie) and apply on your face for fifteen
minutes. Wash off with cold water.

For tired and undernourished skin, mix two teaspoons of grated apple, two
pieces of mashed papaya, one teaspoon of fresh cream and a teaspoon of China
clay. Apply the mixture to a clean face and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off
with cold water for healthy-looking skin.

3. Bananas

"Fresh, ripe bananas make excellent face masks. Bananas don't only tighten
and cleanse pores, they also revitalise dry skin," says Dr Shobha
Sehgal, head of business, day spa and beauty zone, VLCC.

Mash two ripe bananas with a tablespoon of honey. Smooth over the face
and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to reveal soft, supple
and hydrated skin.

4. Oranges

"The citrus family is best known for its astringent and toning properties.
Rub fresh orange peel on your skin to tighten it and lighten the colour,"
says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.

Take the juice of two oranges and freeze it in an ice tray. Rub your face
with the frozen orange juice cubes whenever you need to look good after a
tiring day. The orange juice will give your tired, dull and oily face an
instant pick-me-up sheen.

5. Pomegranates

"Pomegranates are excellent for oily and combination skin. Rich in AHA,
pomegranate juice acts as an astringent and is a natural toner too," says
Suparna Trikha.

Pound pomegranate seeds and use as a face scrub. This will remove excess
oil and make your skin look fresh.

Using cotton wool, massage around 50 ml pomegranate juice on your face
for 10 minutes. Wash off for an instant glow.

God has a Sense of Humor

God was in the process of creating the universe.
And he was explaining to his subordinates

'Look everything should be in balance.
For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion.

Look here my fellow angels, here is the country of the United States .
I have blessed them with prosperity and money.
But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension....

And here is Africa .
I have given them beautiful nature.
But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes.

And here is South America .
I have given them lots of forests.
But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would
have to cut off the forests...

So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.

One of the angels asked...

'God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?'

God said........ 'Ahah...that is the crown piece of all.

' INDIA ',

My most precious creation.

It has understanding and friendly People.
Sparkling streams and serene mountains.
A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live.
Technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold...

The angel was quite surprised:
'But god you said everything should be in balance.'

God replied --
'Look at the Neighbors, I gave them.'

what is imo? is a web-based multi-network instant messaging service. It lets users chat on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, MySpace, Skype, and Yahoo.

Using you can enjoy the following:

Video Chat
Surf Mode
Facebook IM
Windows Download
Facebook Friend Finder

What is HandBrake?

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

Want to download it? Please click the link below:

BufferMe : New Video Streaming Service

BufferMe is a video streaming service that allows users to watch videos from a different approach. It willprovide faster results than regular streaming websites;

 Its much more intutive design allows users tohave different and better experience watching their favorite videos online. 

The goal is to provide an enhanced product focused on satisfying the needs of people who enjoy discovering new things using the kind of service. 

This willbe achieved by adding different features that can make this easier and better for them, which is exactly what gives this site's added value.

Miranda IM

Miranda IM is the smaller, faster, easier instant messenger with support for multiple protocols. Designed from the ground-up to be resource efficient while still providing a rich feature set, Miranda includes support for AIM, Jabber, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu and more.

Additionally, with the choice of hundreds of plugins, icons, sounds and other content, Miranda IM gives you the ability to modify, customise and extend functionality to make it your own.

XMPlay - new Audio Player

XMPlay is an audio player, supporting the OGG / MP3 / MP2 / MP1 / WMA / WAV / CDA / MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX audio formats, and PLS / M3U / ASX / WAX playlists. A load more formats are also supported via plugins.

hugin - Panorama photo stitcher

Panorama stitching and more.

A powerful software package for creation and processing of panoramic images.
It is Similar to the windows programs PTGui and PTAssembler.

Goal: an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools.

With hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.

Want a free CD consists of Lotus Symphony?

IBM is giving a Free IBM Lotus Symphony Suite CD delivered at your doorstep or Office desk.

Please click the following link to get it :

EXE Password Protector : Freeware

EXE Password Protector protects applications from running by adding a password

EXE Password Protector is a security software for Windows OS that helps you password protect any .EXE file from unauthorized access. Thus, to launch an application that was protected by this utility, user must enter the valid password to be able to run a protected program.

Unlike other similar software, EXE Password Protector doesn't request any special protection programs to be running in background to carry out functionality. So an executable file protected by this utility is secured from unauthorized access even when it has been copied and launched from other computer. Such behavior is achieved by adding a supplementary code to the executable file.

Send Free SMS to the World

Do you want to send SMS to the world freely.

Just ping the following URL.

Shutdownguard : Freeware Utility

Never shutdown your computer without your permission.

ShutdownGuard prevents Windows to shutdown, reboot or log off. When it prevents a shutdown it will pop up in the tray and ask you if you want to continue.

· Compatible with Vista.
· Reordered shutdown dialog buttons.
· Middle click on tray brings up the shutdown dialog.

Want to get Notified for new Mails arrived?

The Gmail Notifier is an application that alerts you when you have new Gmail messages. It displays an icon in your system tray to let you know if you have unread Gmail messages, and shows you their subjects, senders and snippets, all without your having to open a web browser.

The Notifier is in beta. Before you download it, we encourage you to review the system requirements and privacy information.

If you have the Google Talk client installed, you will automatically receive new mail notifications from Google Talk and you do not need to install the Notifier.

Wonderful Simulation

Basic SQL Interview Questions and Answers

1. The most important DDL statements in SQL are:

CREATE TABLE - creates a new database table
ALTER TABLE - alters (changes) a database table
DROP TABLE - deletes a database table
CREATE INDEX - creates an index (search key)
DROP INDEX - deletes an index

2. Operators used in SELECT statements.

= Equal
<> or != Not equal
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Greater than or equal
<= Less than or equal
BETWEEN Between an inclusive range
LIKE Search for a pattern

3. SELECT statements:

SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name
SELECT DISTINCT column_name(s) FROM table_name
SELECT column FROM table WHERE column operator value
SELECT column FROM table WHERE column LIKE pattern
SELECT column,SUM(column) FROM table GROUP BY column
SELECT column,SUM(column) FROM table GROUP BY column HAVING SUM(column) condition value
Note that single quotes around text values and numeric values should not be enclosed in quotes. Double quotes may be acceptable in some databases.

4. The SELECT INTO Statement is most often used to create backup copies of tables or for archiving records.

SELECT column_name(s) INTO newtable [IN externaldatabase] FROM source
SELECT column_name(s) INTO newtable [IN externaldatabase] FROM source WHERE column_name operator value

5. The INSERT INTO Statements:
INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (value1, value2,....)
INSERT INTO table_name (column1, column2,...) VALUES (value1, value2,....)

6. The Update Statement:

UPDATE table_name SET column_name = new_value WHERE column_name = some_value

7. The Delete Statements:

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE column_name = some_value
Delete All Rows:
DELETE FROM table_name or DELETE * FROM table_name
8. Sort the Rows:

SELECT column1, column2, ... FROM table_name ORDER BY columnX, columnY, ..
SELECT column1, column2, ... FROM table_name ORDER BY columnX DESC
SELECT column1, column2, ... FROM table_name ORDER BY columnX DESC, columnY ASC

9. The IN operator may be used if you know the exact value you want to return for at least one of the columns.

SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE column_name IN (value1,value2,..)


SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE column_name BETWEEN value1 AND value2 The values can be numbers, text, or dates.

11. What is the use of CASCADE CONSTRAINTS?

When this clause is used with the DROP command, a parent table can be dropped even when a child table exists.

12. Why does the following command give a compilation error?

DROP TABLE &TABLE_NAME; Variable names should start with an alphabet. Here the table name starts with an '&' symbol.

13. Which system tables contain information on privileges granted and privileges obtained?


14. Which system table contains information on constraints on all the tables created?obtained?


15. What is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands?

16. State true or false. !=, <>, ^= all denote the same operation?


17. State true or false. EXISTS, SOME, ANY are operators in SQL?


18. What will be the output of the following query?


19. What does the following query do?

This displays the total salary of all employees. The null values in the commission column will be replaced by 0 and added to salary.

20. What is the advantage of specifying WITH GRANT OPTION in the GRANT command?

The privilege receiver can further grant the privileges he/she has obtained from the owner to any other user.

21. Which command executes the contents of a specified file?

START or @.

22. What is the value of comm and sal after executing the following query if the initial value of ‘sal’ is 10000

sal = 11000, comm = 1000.

23. Which command displays the SQL command in the SQL buffer, and then executes it?


24. What command is used to get back the privileges offered by the GRANT command?


25. What will be the output of the following query? SELECT DECODE(TRANSLATE('A','1234567890','1111111111'), '1','YES', 'NO' );? NO.

Explanation : The query checks whether a given string is a numerical digit.

26. Which date function is used to find the difference between two dates?


27. What operator performs pattern matching?

LIKE operator.

28. What is the use of the DROP option in the ALTER TABLE command?

It is used to drop constraints specified on the table.

29. What operator tests column for the absence of data?

IS NULL operator.

30. What are the privileges that can be granted on a table by a user to others?

Insert, update, delete, select, references, index, execute, alter, all.

31. Which function is used to find the largest integer less than or equal to a specific value?


32. Which is the subset of SQL commands used to manipulate Oracle Database structures, including tables?

Data Definition Language (DDL).

33. What is the use of DESC in SQL?

DESC has two purposes. It is used to describe a schema as well as to retrieve rows from table in descending order.
Explanation :
The query SELECT * FROM EMP ORDER BY ENAME DESC will display the output sorted on ENAME in descending order.

34. What command is used to create a table by copying the structure of another table?

To copy only the structure, the WHERE clause of the SELECT command should contain a FALSE statement as in the following.
If the WHERE condition is true, then all the rows or rows satisfying the condition will be copied to the new table.

Will the outputs of the above two commands differ?

Both will result in deleting all the rows in the table EMP..

36. What is the output of the following query SELECT TRUNC(1234.5678,-2) FROM DUAL;?


37. What are the wildcards used for pattern matching.?

_ for single character substitution and % for multi-character substitution.

38. What is the parameter substitution symbol used with INSERT INTO command?


14Dayz : Online Time Tracking Tool

14Dayz is SIMPLE online time tracking that is easy and fun to use

It is a simple web based time tracking tool for groups of loosely connected individuals that collaborate on a professional basis.

It is great for teams that are geographically distributed and still need a central place for logging their hours. But other teams can use it as well.

It is ideal for telecommuters. It is Hassle free Time registration for teams.


Lawyers use it to track their case files;

Web designers use it for billing specifications;

Project Managers use it to keep projects on budget;

Life hackers use it to track their time for personal and professional endeavors so that they have a better understanding of where all the time went.

Entrepreneurs use it to track employee hours;

Builders use it so workers can log their hours from home, and save them a round trip to the office (and a lot of traffic jam);

Freelancers use it to track time which they work for their clients;

Home workers use it to report their activities.

How to create a .gif file online?

Upload 2 or more image in site. and Click on 'Create Gif'.

You can customize settings for 
1) Loop Animation
2) Animation Speed
3) Frame Length etc.,

What is BlackBird?

The Blackbird Browser gives you access to Internet sites just like Internet Explorer, plus more community-specific features when you want them.

Blackbird is safe to download and secure (powered by Mozilla, which powers some of the most popular Internet browsers).

It is supported by some of the leading community and educational organizations.

It is free for you because it is supported by advertising and sponsorships. You don't pay to use Blackbird.


Black Search
Black News Ticker
Black Bookmarks
Blackbird TV
Social Bookmarking
Email Manager
Social Network Manager

Apple Mac's 3 Minute Presentation

What is Scalar Function in SQL?

SQL Scalar functions

SQL scalar functions return a single value, based on the input value.

Useful scalar functions:

UCASE() - Converts a field to upper case
LCASE() - Converts a field to lower case
MID() - Extract characters from a text field
LEN() - Returns the length of a text field
ROUND() - Rounds a numeric field to the number of decimals specified
NOW() - Returns the current system date and time
FORMAT() - Formats how a field is to be displayed

What are Aggregate Functions in SQL?

SQL aggregate functions return a single value, calculated from values in a column.

Useful aggregate functions:

AVG() - the average value
COUNT() - the number of rows
FIRST() - the first value
LAST() - the last value
MAX() - the largest value
MIN() - the smallest value
SUM() - the sum

What is SQLite?

SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.

Suggested Uses For SQLite:

Application File Format : Rather than using fopen() to write XML or some proprietary format into disk files used by your application, use an SQLite database instead. You'll avoid having to write and troubleshoot a parser, your data will be more easily accessible and cross-platform, your updates will be transactional.

Database For Gadgets :  SQLite is popular choice for the database engine in cellphones, PDAs, MP3 players, set-top boxes, and other electronic gadgets. SQLite has a small code footprint, makes efficient use of memory, disk space, and disk bandwidth, is highly reliable, and requires no maintenance from a Database Adminstrator.

Website Database : Because it requires no configuration and stores information in ordinary disk files, SQLite is a popular choice as the database to back small to medium-sized websites.

Stand-in For An Enterprise RDBMS :  SQLite is often used as a surrogate for an enterprise RDBMS for demonstration purposes or for testing. SQLite is fast and requires no setup, which takes a lot of the hassle out of testing and which makes demos perky and easy to launch.

What is Camstudio?

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
You can create video tutorials for school or college class
You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them.

Ditto : Clipboard Manager

Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time.

Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats.


Easy to use interface
Search and paste previous copy entries
Keep multiple computer's clipboards in sync
Data is encrypted when sent over the network
Accessed from tray icon or global hot key
Select entry by double click, enter key or drag drop
Paste into any window that excepts standard copy/paste entries
Display thumbnail of copied images in list
Full Unicode support(display foreign characters)
UTF-8 support for language files(create language files in any language)
Uses sqlite database

FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is an image converter / resizer intended to enable users to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change color depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batch mode.

Drag and Drop mouse operation is well supported.

Convert and Rename images in batch mode
Support JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG2000
Resize, crop, change color depth, apply color effects, add text, watermark and border effects
Rename images with sequential number
Support folder/non-folder structure
Load and save settings

Xion - Player for you

Xion is a high fidelity, easily skinnable, out of this world audio player.

Xion features a new standard in skin support. Baffled by script syntax? Pulling your hair out over slicing up skin elements? Crying over spilt milk?

Xion's approach to skinning will remove all scripting and slicing requirements that other skin systems have placed on users. Xion will directly read a .PSD file and using layer names, instantly create your skin.

Xion also supports direct loading from Zip files which allow you to package several .PSD files in the one package. This has the added benefit of being compressed and therefore consumes less disk space.

Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor is a program do to exactly what it says: extract files from any type of archive, whether it's a simple zip file, an installation program, or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package.

InfraRecorder - DVD Burner

InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.

InfraRecorder is released under GPL version 3.


Create custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and record them to physical discs as well as disc images.
Supports recording to dual-layer DVDs.
Blank (erase) rewritable discs using four different methods.
Record disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE).
Fixate discs (write lead-out information to prevent further data from being added to the disc).
Scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collect information about their capabilities.
Create disc copies, on the fly and using a temporary disc image.
Import session data from multi-session discs and add more sessions to them.
Display disc information.
Save audio and data tracks to files (.wav, .wma, .ogg, .mp3 and .iso).

iDailyDiary Free Version

iDailyDiary Free Version

iDailyDiary provides a simple interface that immediately gets you started taking daily notes, creating a journal, putting your thoughts into writing and much more.

The iDailyDiary editor is "richtext" with the ability to insert graphics, URL's, Hypertext links and links to other diary pages. iDailyDiary is fully searchable so you can always track down those important dates and reminders.

Key Features

Works with MS Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
Data files encrypted and password protected
Richtext Editor
Fully Searchable
Insert Pictures, URL's and Hypertext
Multiple "pages" for each day
Export to HTML format to create web pages
Supports Unicode (non-western character sets)
Mutli-Language GUI, including Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Japanese.

ISO Master

Use ISO Master to:

Create or customise CD/DVD images

Make Bootable CDs/DVDs

ISO images are great for distributing data files, software, and demos online.

It is currently available on Linux and windows.

Is ISO Master free?

The Linux version is free, but the Windows version is not.

What formats are supported?

ISO Master can read .ISO files (ISO9660, Joliet, RockRidge, and El Torito), most .NRG files, and some single-track .MDF files; it can save only as .ISO.

Standalone installer for Windows Live Essential Beta

130 MB sized offline installer for Windows Live Essential Beta is here.

Programs you can download include:
Messenger beta
Mail beta
Writer beta
Photo Gallery beta
Movie Maker beta
Family Safety beta
Toolbar beta

What is icloud?

The icloud service is all about giving you a greater computing experience and the comfort of always having your own desktop accessible wherever you go. All settings, icons and documents will stay exactly where you left them. You use icloud through your web browser or cell phone.

After you sign up on icloud you will receive your own highly customizable desktop, get access to plenty of useful online applications and a secure online file system. You can use icloud the same way you use your existing desktop.

With icloud you also get access to some truly unique features such as rich online collaboration, social networking and very easy publishing functionalities. These features and many more are built-in features in the icloud desktop.

icloud has the same ease of use and look and feel as any traditional popular desktop application but with the added benefit of running everything online in the cloud.

icloud consist of a desktop with applications and files that you run through your web browser. Because it's running in the cloud (the internet) it can offer you impressive features such as easy sharing, rich collaboration, built-in marketplace with free applications, seamless integration with your mobile device, and innovative drag-and-drop blog publishing. icloud is 100% committed to providing you with an exciting, reliable, and productive computing experience.

Free applications like an office suite

Secure, backuped file storage

All friends, documents and applications in the cloud

Sharing and collaboration in real-time

XML development tools included - adopt for your needs

Integrated social community

Works online and offline

Windows Live Writer in Tamil

Writer makes it easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service—Windows Live, Wordpress, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, and many more.

Writer lets you publish to almost any blog service, including Windows Live, Wordpress, Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, SharePoint, Community Server, and many more. Don’t have a blog yet? Writer can help you set one up.

What is SDelete?

SDelete is a command line utility that takes a number of options. In any given use, it allows you to delete one or more files and/or directories, or to cleanse the free space on a logical disk. SDelete accepts wild card characters as part of the directory or file specifier.

Usage: sdelete [-p passes] [-s] [-q] <file or directory>
sdelete [-p passes] [-z|-c] [drive letter]

-c Zero free space (good for virtual disk optimization).
-p passes Specifies number of overwrite passes.
-s Recurse subdirectories.
-q Don't print errors (quiet).
-z Cleanse free space.

Want to download ITIL Certification Materials?

What is ITIL?

ITIL® is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management. Used by many hundreds of organisations around the world, a whole ITIL philosophy has grown up around the guidance contained within the ITIL books and the supporting professional qualification scheme.

ITIL consists of a series of books giving guidance on the provision of quality IT services, and on the accommodation and environmental facilities needed to support IT. ITIL has been developed in recognition of organisations' growing dependency on IT and embodies best practices for IT Service Management.

The ethos behind the development of ITIL is the recognition that organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in order to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs. This leads to an increased requirement for high quality IT services.

For ITIL certification materials please click the following link :

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital code that can be attached to an electronically transmitted message that uniquely identifies the sender. Like a written signature, the purpose of a digital signature is to guarantee that the individual sending the message really is who he or she claims to be. Digital signatures are especially important for electronic commerce and are a key component of most authentication schemes.

To be effective, digital signatures must be unforgeable. There are a number of different encryption techniques to guarantee this level of security.

How It Works

Assume you were going to send the draft of a contract to your lawyer in another town. You want to give your lawyer the assurance that it was unchanged from what you sent and that it is really from you.

1. You copy-and-paste the contract (it's a short one!) into an e-mail note.

2. Using special software, you obtain a message hash (mathematical summary) of the contract.

3. You then use a private key that you have previously obtained from a public-private key authority to encrypt the hash.

4. The encrypted hash becomes your digital signature of the message. 

At the other end, your lawyer receives the message.

1. To make sure it's intact and from you, your lawyer makes a hash of the received message.

2. Your lawyer then uses your public key to decrypt the message hash or summary.

3. If the hashes match, the received message is valid.

What is SET?

SET, short for Secure Electronic Transaction, is a standard that will enable secure credit card transactions on the Internet. SET has been endorsed by virtually all the major players in the electronic commerce arena, including Microsoft, Netscape, Visa, and Mastercard.

By employing digital signatures, SET will enable merchants to verify that buyers are who they claim to be. And it will protect buyers by providing a mechanism for their credit card number to be transferred directly to the credit card issuer for verification and billing without the merchant being able to see the number.

SET consists of three services:

Providing a secure communications channel among all parties involved in a transaction.

Providing trust by the use of X.509v3 digital certificates.

Ensuring privacy because the information is only available to parties in a transaction when and where necessary.

Web Site Auto Tester

Web Site Auto Tester (WSAT) is a small free test tool for automating testing of sites.

WSAT can record and save GUI tests (clicking on links, check boxes, entering text etc.) and run these tests without any human intervention.

WSAT uses the MS IE engine and runs on Windows Xp/Vista. Windows XP users will require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


Record browsing
Run recording

Subtitle Edit - Freeware Application

Subtitle Edit (SE) is an editor for movie subtitles - a subtitle editor.
With SE you can easily adjust the start time of the subtitle if it is out of sync with the movie.

SE is written in Delphi and full source is included.


VISUALLY sync/adjust (start pos and speed) a subtitle.
Export to/import from html (for online translation)
Visual translation helper
Adjust all subtitle times
Adjust display time
Remove text for hear impaired
Convert between MicroDVD, SubRib, Substation Alpha, SAMI, and more
Fix line numbering, casing, spaces, long lines, and invalid display time
Split / append subtitles
Spell checker: English and Danish included. Dutch dictionary exists in the TJanSpeller zip file

What is TLS (Transport Layer Security)?

TLS (Transport Layer Security), defined in RFC 2246, is a protocol for establishing a secure connection between a client and a server. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is capable of authenticating both the client and the server and creating a encrypted connection between the two.

The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol is extensible, meaning that new algorithms can be added for any of these purposes, as long as both the server and the client are aware of the new algorithms.

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is the protocol which almost all security enabled browsers use. It was designed by Netscape and was formerly known SSL or Secure Sockets Layer.