Basic Usage of MultiView and View Controls in ASP.NET

This article introduces the use of View and MultiView controls. It discusses their properties and methods, and illustrates how they work with some simple web pages containing these controls.

MultiView and View controls together provide a wizard-like functionality in ASP.NET pages. The MultiView control is a container control that can house only View Controls. The View Controls, which are also container controls, can only be housed in MultiView controls; any attempt to place them on a web page shows up as a design time error. Hence they will be used together with the MultiView control which may contain a number of View controls. Within the View control, one may place any of the other standard controls. That one may even place a MultiView control in a View Control opens the way for providing a complex navigational functionality in web pages.

The client application can only interact with one of the View controls at any one time. This should remind the reader of only one browser window being active at any time, or any one form active at a time in VB 6 applications. All the controls in all the views are on the same web page and easy to access. Each time the page postbacks, one view will be displayed and the validators within that view are the only ones active. Hence the View State changes can be easily accounted for regardless of how many postbacks were made.

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