CSharp Basic Questions and Answers

What is the CLR?
The Common Language Runtime is the platform for .NET applications that allow you to develop your application in any .NET languages (C#, Visual Basic 2005, etc.) and have them all run seamlessly on a single platform.

What are the four types of applications you can build in .NET?
Console, Windows, Web, and Web Services.

What is the .NET Framework?
The Framework specifies how .NET constructs intrinsic types, classes, interfaces, etc.

What is the FCL?
The Framework Class Library provides a very large suite of predefined classes that you can use in building your application.

What does it mean to say that C# is a "safe" language?
This refers to "type safety"the ability of the compiler to ensure that the objects you create are of the expected type.

What is a keyword?
Keywords are reserved for use by the language and cannot be used to identify objects or methods you create.

What is a namespace?
Namespaces are used to ensure that identifiers are unique across libraries of classes.

What does the compiler do?
The job of the compiler is to turn your source code into MSIL.

What is MSIL?
The Microsoft Intermediate Language is the native language for .NET and is compiled into an executable application by the JIT.

What is the JIT?
The Just In Time compiler turns your MSIL code into an application in memory.

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