Introduction to Windows 7

Windows 7 An Introduction

It's not due out until January 2010, but Microsoft's next release of its operating system – codenamed Windows 7 – is already inspiring speculation. Will it be as painful to use as Vista, or will it fix Vista's issues? Rumors abound, encouraged by Microsoft's fairly close-mouthed stance. Here's what we've learned.
If you're really intrigued, you can Google Windows 7 and find a lot of information. There's a web site apparently unaffiliated with Microsoft but dedicated to Windows 7 news, at least one blog that purports to be by someone on the team creating Windows 7, some (supposedly fake) videos on YouTube of milestone builds of Windows 7, and more. But how do you tell the real from the fake?

When possible, you go to official sources. Steven Sinofsky, who has been leading the development of Windows 7 since Jim Allchin left Microsoft, gave a lengthy interview to CNet. It's hard to find anything official on Windows 7 on Microsoft's web site, though; a search on Windows 7 there is far more likely to turn up information on Internet Explorer, but the company's Windows Vista news blog, written by Chris Flores, turned up some minor hints.

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