Sardarji in US

*Sardarji went to US to live with his brother. Sardarji's Brother owns an
apple shop in US. One day he asked his brother to stay at the shop because
he had to go somewhere. He asked his brother if somebody comes to shop and
ask for the apple's price, tell them $2 a pound. If somebody questions
whether these apples are sweet or sour, tell them some are sweet and some
are not. If some body says I do not want to buy, tell them somebody else
will buy. Now the sardarji was ready to sell the apples.

A lady comes and asks sardarji, Do you know what time it is ? Sardarji
replied $2 a pound. Lady said; all sardarji's are idiot and fools.

Sardarji replied, some are some are not.

Lady got frustrated and said, I will take you to police station.

Sardarji replied, if you will not take me some body else will take.*

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