Print What You Like in a Web Page

Have you ever printed a webpage only to find your printout consisted mostly of empty space, ads and other junk you didn't want? PrintWhatYouLike is a webpage editor that lets you control how webpages look when printed.


* Format any webpage for printing in seconds - no more pasting into Word
* Print webpages without whitespace, ads, graphics or other clutter
* Make printed web pages more readable by removing distractions
* Fix broken pages that don't print correctly
* Save money on paper and ink and help save the environment

How It Works
* Enter the url of a page you wish to print
* Edit the page until it contains only what you want to print
* Print It! Only your modified page will be printed

Make Any Page Printer-Friendly
* Edit any public page in your browser- no installation required!
* Change page font size and type, remove the background, and remove images
* Edit any part of the page by clicking a page element or selecting text
* Any selection can be removed, isolated or widened
* All changes are undoable
* Combine multiple webpages together- edit and print them as one document!
* Save your changes - if you have to print the same document again, just reapply your changes instead of starting over
* Reuse other people's changes - if someone else has already edited your page, just apply their changes

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