A website exclusively for the children

Contests for Children have been announced for short story writing
and sketching in my novel English and Tamil bilingual website:


Improving the career of children is the sole objective of the site
and the site is dedicated exclusively for the children. Teaching
tamil is one of the most important aspects of the site.

Amazing pictures drawn by kids, beautiful photographs of children,
selected stories, songs and video. Information to improve general
knowledge, English and Tamil proverbs, interesting online games
and many more things are being published in this site.

An exclusive tamil teaching section to guide children as well as
adults to produce Tamil contents with all applications in the PC is
developed with the world's most powerful and extremely versatile
Transliteration software Azhagi.

Please do see the website, offer your views, send pictures drawn by
your kids, photographs of your kids and whatever content you have to
offer for the kids for publication.

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