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Library Management System Amit Gupta 04 May 2007
A simple library management system that provides following facilities login, register, add category, add / remove book, search / issue book, return book. Language used is C# and db is SQL server 2000 and SQL Client has been used in code.

Academic Project - Address Book Noby Abraham 02 May 2007
This is a small project for managing contact details. This is a C# version of the 'Personal Assistant' project I posted before, with some minor changes and fine tuning. I have tried to follow all coding standards and best practices. This is an ideal learning project for beginners in C#.

Patient Information System Noby Abraham 12 Feb 2007
This is an ideal academic project for students. This software can be used to keep track of the patients information and treatmetn details in a hospital or clinic. Some of the advanced features include patient consulting, lab information, billing etc.

Web based Address Book Murali 12 Jan 2007
This is small learning project developed using ASP.NET and C#. This application can be used to keep track of your contacts/addresses. N Tier architecture is used to separate data layer, business layer and UI layers. A good learning project for beginners who want to learn N Tier architecture.

Course Finder - Search Colleges and Courses Timmy M.John 12 May 2007
CourseFinder project is a real, live website -, which provides features like search for engineering colleges in India, nursing colleges in India etc. CourseFinder is an ideal academic project for Engineering and MCA students. You can download complete source code with comments and documentation.

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