Santa Banta Jokes

After making a trip of South India, Santa Singh, his wife and his son were
returning to Punjab in Kerala Express. Santa Singh was occupying the lower
berth, his wife the middle berth and his son the top most berth in the
train. When the train stopped at one of the stations on the way back the son
requested Santa Singh to bring him a cup of Ice cream to which Santa readily
agreed. When Santa and his son returned they found that a South Indian who
couldn't understand Hindi had occupied his son's berth.Outraged, Santa Singh
called the TT and asked him to help. TT requested that he could not
understand Hindi/Punjabi so it would be better if Santa Singh explained the
whole situation to him in English.

Santa Singh explained, "That man sleeping on top of my wife is not giving
birth to my child."

Santa and Banta work in a software company. One day, they were to move
their computers to another building. Banta was having a tough time carrying
his machine.

Santa : "My Computer has 250GB disk. See how easily I am carrying it. Yours
has just 120 GB. Can't you carry even this much?"
Banta : "But yours is empty and my disk is full"!!!

While visiting Santa's house, Banta noticed that he had replaced his usual
TV with a smaller model.Thinking that perhaps the larger set has broken
down, Banta asked why the small one was there.
"Oh," Santa replied, "I have decided to watch less TV."

Banta: You cheated me with this radio.
Santa (shop keeper): No, I sold a good radio to you.
Banta: Radio label shows 'Made in Japan' but the radio says

'This is all India Radio'!

Banta as the carpenter

Banta was a carpenter on a building site, he rushed up to the site
engineer. "Sir, Sir!" he cried, "Someone just dropped a knife from the top
of the scaffold and sliced my ear off!"

The site engineer immediately organized a search party to find the ear in
the hope that microsurgeon would be able to sew it on again, if it was
wellpreserved in ice and taken immediately to the hospital in a thermos

"Here it is!" cried one of the searchers, waving an ear.

"No, that s not it," said the injured Banta, "mine had a pencil behind it!"

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