Sql Server 2000 Vs 20005

SQL Server 2000
1.Security:Owner = Schema, hard to remove old users at times

2.Encryption:No options built in, expensive third party options with proprietary skills required to implement properly.

3.High Availability:Clustering or Log Shipping require Enterprise Edition. Expensive hardware

4.Scalability:Limited to 2GB, 4CPUs in Standard Edition. Limited 64-bit support.

SQL Server 2005

1.Security:Schema is separate. Better granularity in easily controlling security. Logins can be authenticated by certificates.

2.Encryption:Encryption and key management build in.

3.High Availability:Clustering, Database Mirroring or Log Shipping available in Standard Edition. Database Mirroring can use cheap hardware.

4.Scalability:4 CPU, no RAM limit in Standard Edition. More 64-bit options offer chances for consolidation.

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