Ultrafobos anti mosquito software

Ultrafobos is another anti mosquito program. Its objective is to emulate diverse ranks of frequencies that are annoying or act on the nervous system of mosquitoes, flies and other insects or animals, thus frightening them and forcing to move away from certain places.

As authors of this anti mosquito program state, its name is made of two words – Ultra representing the abbreviation of extreme frequency, and fobos that comes from the Greek and means fear.

Ultrafobos emits a sound of a certain frequency through the sound card or the small internal loudspeaker of the PC.

Operation is very simple; you only have to define the frequency and duration of the sound. It is also possible to select the frequencies predefined for diverse animals and even teenagers!

The volume Vol: and duration Dur: values are obligatory, but you can also define time Tmp: (how long should the sound last) and repetitions Rpt: (how many times should it be repeated).

The reach of the sound of Ultrafobos anti mosquito software will depend on the power of your loudspeakers, generally any type of card and loudspeaker will serve to act in a room up to a distance of 15 meters or even more, depending on furniture and materials of ceiling, walls and floor.

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