What is blist?

Whether you use Excel or a database today, blist is the best choice for easily creating and sharing lists on the web. With the drag-and-drop simplicity of blist, you’ll be able to organize the information that’s important to you, from making a personal to-do list to building a sophisticated business database. With blist, your list is visual, interactive, and always neat and tidy.

Is for play, life, or work.

Makes sharing lists with folks easy. Collaborate simultaneously with a friend or colleague on a single blist.

Is supported by the blist community. Discover lists of top 80’s sitcoms or blists for running your small business.

Requires no software installation or maintenance*.

Is free to use!

Customer relationship management (CRM) is easy with blist. Track your customers. Prioritize leads and close new business.

Deliver your projects on time. Create a blist of milestones and tasks, and then share it with your team members. blist makes project management a snap.


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