Black soya beans to prevent diabetes!

Eating black soya beans could help control weight, lower fat and cholesterol level and can prevent diabetes, say scientists.

Soybeans, an important global crop grown for oil and protein, come in
various sizes and in several hull or seed coat colours, including black,
brown, blue, yellow and mottled.

Yellow soya has already been hailed for its cholesterol lowering
capabilities. Now a team of Korean researchers have shown that black soya
prevented weight gain in rats, reported health portal EurekAlert.

The researchers, led by Shin Joung Rho at Hanyang University, Seoul, allowed
32 rats to gorge on a fatty diet, supplemented with various levels of black

The results showed that, after two weeks, those getting 10 percent of their
energy from black soya had gained half as much weight as those in the
control group.

Total blood cholesterol fell by 25 percent and LDL (the so-called 'bad')
cholesterol fell by 60 percent in the rats in the 10 percent group, the
study published in the in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

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