Cookie Killer 1.0

What is computer cookie?
Computer cookie its a small text file that placed by web site onto your PC while you browse the Web. Cookie can contain helpful information such as contents of your shopping cart if you browse online store or can be dangerous by storing tracking or collecting personal information. During one browsing session user receives about 300 cookies from more than 200 web sites, even from those which wasn't visited! "Cookie Killer" helps you delete cookies from unwanted web sites on the fly.

"Cookie Killer" Mission
"Cookie Killer" detects new cookie as soon as your computer receives it from some web site. You can choose to add that web site to white list (to always accept cookies from it) or to black list (always remove). Or you can run "Cookie Killer" to remove all cookies, so you wont be asked about each new unknown domain, and any new received cookie (except those on white list) will be deleted.

With "Cookie Killer" you can view each cookie, see information that it stores. This program uses military approved algorithm DoD 5220.22 to delete files so they can't be recovered.

"Cookie Killer" includes funny sounds and plays them randomly when some cookie destroyed. Entire process is fun, but still provides maximum security. You can choose to disable sounds, or choose the ones that you like. Or even add yours.

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