MathsOwn Junior - Freeware Application

* Target age groups - 3 to 13+ years
* Facilitates learning of basic:
o Maths
o Computer keyboard skills
o Programming skills
* Computerized math's worksheet
* Focuses on Learning and Teaching (and not computer graphics)
* Accelerated learning in both learn and test modes
* Enhanced learning through student peer marking
* Enables extended learning goals
* Computerized marking
* Computerized results analysis
* Automated recording of exercises and tests
* Designed for 1 PC per class right through to 1 PC per student
* Designed to integrate with school and / or home
* Designed to extend students abilities
* Ideal first computer application


Students Love MathsOwn

* Customise their sessions to their exact level
* Compete with classmates
* Learn to develop their own maths advancement programs
* Intellectually disabled students also benefit
* Have fun learning maths with MathsOwn

The Free MathsOwn Junior version may be downloaded from this webpage.

MathsOwn Junior is Free

* Version 1.3.3 released January 17 2008 is 2.80MB.
* Upgrades to the full MathsOwn version are performed from MathsOwn Junior.
* MathsOwn runs on screen resolutions of 640 x 480 (or greater)
* The PC memory available on some W9x systems may limit the number of questions.
* Also runs on double byte language platforms e.g. Asian countries.
* Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista.
* MathsOwn® Junior U3 USB memory stick version certified compliant to run on U3 USB and Microsoft Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista

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