Save the Web... and find it again with iterasi

Iterasi is a simple browser-based tool for saving any web page—dynamically generated or otherwise—with the click of a button. The dynamic content is saved immediately—frozen in that moment in time—in an accessible HTML format and stored to a secure personal account. With iterasi, any web page can be saved, searched and shared anytime, from anywhere, forever.

Iterasi provides two different ways to save web pages. Pick the option that allows you to do what you want to do:

No-install Bookmarklet.
Using the browser bookmarklet, you’ll get a feel for how iterasi works. One click captures any publicly accessible web page in its original state, saving it to your archive as functional HTML forever. It’s a great way to save pages on the fly.

Browser extension.
Need more power? Installing the browser-based software allows you to capture any web page exactly as you see it — even if you had to log in to get to it. This is the perfect solution for saving pages that contain private information like receipts, pages that change as you interact with them, or custom web apps like Google Maps.

How is this different than bookmarking?

Bookmarking, Favorites and Browser History provide a way of managing the location of a page. The problem is that these pages can change and no longer represent what the user wanted to save. It is increasingly common for pages to change in meaningful ways based on a user’s interaction. Also, a page may completely disappear over time—a condition known as "linkrot." iterasi addresses these problems by capturing the content of a page and saving it in its native form so you can search or share your pages at anytime, from anywhere, indefinitely.

Every day you find web pages you may never see again.

Which is fine, unless you actually need that information.

Bookmarks don’t cut it. They lead you to where that information was — but not the information itself. With iterasi, you can save any web page and return to it anytime, from anywhere, forever.

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