Fill in the blanks :

1. No of User variables in sql*plus is 1024.

2. User can have 100 many number of variables per sql command.

3. User can have 500 many number of lines (assuming 80 characters per line) per sql command.

4. The size of PL/SQL buffer in Oracle 7 is 2k and in Oracle6 is 512k

5. Start command is used to run the contents of the specified command file.

6. The intersect operator is used to get only those rows that returned by both the query.

7. The Grand command is used to set the System privileges, Object privileges.

8. The Savepoint command is used to identify the point in a transaction to which you can
later Rollback.

9. To perform one of these operations on your current transaction:

* Establish your current transaction as either a read only or a read-write transaction

* Assign your current transaction to a specified rollback segment

The Set Transaction command is used.

10. The to-char function is used to convert the number datatype to a value of varchar2

11. The Truncate command is used to remove all rows in a Table or Cluster instantly.
Note : We can not truncate rows from a table which is part of a cluster.
We cannot truncate rows from a table which has a referenced integrity constraint.

12. The Cluster is a schema object that contains one or more tables that have one
or more columns in common.

13. The Create Role command is used to set a set of privileges that can be granted to users
or to other roles.

14. To perform one of these functions on an index,table, or cluster:

* To collect statistics about the object used by the optimizer and store them in the data
* To delete statistics about the object from the data dictionary.
* To validate the structure of the object.
* To identify migrated and chained rows of the table or cluster.

The Analyze Command is used.

Select the Correct Answer:

1. An index can have as many as Columns.

a] 255
b] 21
c] 16
2. A number of columns in a table ranges from 1 to ¬¬¬____

a] 255
b] 254
c] 030
d] None of the above

3. The maximum number of components in the Decode expression , including
searches, results and default is

a] No limitation
b] 255

4. ___________ is an alternative name for a table, view, sequence, procedure, stored
function, package, snapshot or another synonym.

a] Synonym
b] Data block
c] View
d] None of the above

5. The _________ operator is used in character string comparisons with pattern matching

a] Between.. And
b] Equal operator
c] Set operator
d] Like

6. __________ returns only one copy of each set of duplicate rows selected.

a] Unique
b] Distinct
c] Group By
d] None of the above

7. _____________ is used to lock the selected rows

a] Lock table
b] For update of
c] Object privileges
d] Row share

8. _____________ Clause restricts the groups of rows returned to those groups for the
specified condition id True

a] Where clause
b] Having Clause
c] Distinct
d] Exists

9. The ________ option is used to return rows in a hierarchial order

a] Connect by start with
b] Order by

10. The ________ function is used to return the number of bytes in the internal
representation of expression

a] Length
b] Vsize
c] LengthLB

1. The _______ built-in is used to Exits the current form and enter the indicated form


2. The ___________canvas_view can be used to display items or boilerplate graphics that
operators need to see only in certain situations

Ans: Stacked

3. The ¬¬________ package contains constructs that provides ways to write and read
information to and from files

Ans: Text_IO

4. On MS-Windows the lookup path for icon files is defined by the _______ environment
variable in the ORACLE.INI file


5. If user receive an error in the ORA-3100 to ORA-3199 range when you try to log on to
Developer/2000 product, there may not be enough real-mode memory to establish a
Communication buffer with an Oracle server.______________ solves this problem by
reserving memory for server communications.


7. The ____________ property is used When queried records have been marked for inserts
, updates, specifies that only columns whose values were actually changed which should
be included in the SQL UPDATE statement that is sent to the database during a

Ans: Update Changed Columns.

8. The _________ property specifies whether Oracle Forms should validate the value of
the text item against the values in the attached LOV.

Ans: LOV for Validation

9. A _____________ is an internal Oracle Forms data structure that has the column/row
frame work similar to a database.

Ans: Record Group.

10. There a three types of Record Group they are___________________________.

Ans: Static, Query record group, Non_query record group.

11.The ______ built-in is used to write data in the Forms to the Database, but does not
perform a database Commit.

Ans: Post.
12. Two types of Windows are _________________________

Ans: Document Window and Dialog Window.

13. The _____________ built-in is used to copy the values of each item in the record with
the next lower sequence number to the corresponding item in the current record.

Ans: Duplicate record.

14. An _______ is a container for a group of objects that can be used to copy or reference
them in another module.

Ans: Object Group.

15. Form the Firing hierarcial for the Given triggers

a] When-New-Item-Instance
b] When-validate-Item
c] Key-Next-Item Ans: F,A,C,D,B,E.
d] Post-change
e] Post-Text-Item
f] Pre-Text-Item

16. Form the hierarchial for the Given Triggers

a] When-New-Record-Instance
b] Pre-Record
c] Post-Record
d] When-Validate-Item
e] When-Create-record Ans: E,B,A,D,C.

17. Use an _________ Trigger for the following purposes:

a] To trap and respond to an informative message.
b] To replace a standard informative message with a custom message.
c] To exclude an in appropriate message. Ans: On_Message.

18. Oracle Forms performs the following steps when the ______ trigger fails

a] Sets the error location
b] Rolls back to the recently issued Savepoint

Ans: On_Update or On_Insert or Pre_Insert or Pre_update or Post_Insert or

19. The _____ command is used to Execute the indicated Operating System Command.

Ans: Host.

20. The maximum Number of Procedures and Functions in a Package is _____.

Ans: 255.

21. Oracle uses work areas called ______ to execute SQL Statement and store processing

Ans: Private SQL Area.

22. Two Types of Cursors are ______________________.

Ans: 1] Implicit Cursor, 2] Explicit Cursor.

23. The variables declared in a subprogram specification and referenced in the subprogram
body are____ parameters. Ans: Formal.

24. The __________ and ___________ are called Assignment Statements.

Ans: 1] Select .. into .. 2] Fetch .. into .. 3] :=

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