What Is Home Theater and What Does It Do for Me?

Home theater refers to a setup of audio and video equipment in your home that tries to duplicate the movie theater experience.

A home theater system is an exciting entertainment option that provides the consumer with an immersive viewing and listening experience. Your home theater system can be something as simple as a 27-inch TV and a home theater-in-a-box system, or a sophisticated custom-built system with video projector and in-wall speakers.

Ultimate Home Theater: 13,000 Watts, 130dB, $1 Million Price

Most Popular Home Theater Systems :
Philips HTS8100
Bose 3·2·1 GS II
Philips HTS3544/37
Sony DAV-FX900W
Sony DAV-IS10
Sony LBT-ZX80D
Bose 3·2·1 GSX
Philips HTS-6500/37
Sony HT-7100DH

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