What's a Camcorder?

A camcorder is a handheld electronic device designed to capture video that can later be played back on a television or computer.

Camcorders can make great gifts for teenagers. If you are purchasing a camcorder for your teenager you want to make sure to select a camcorder that will be easy for them to use and reasonably easy on your budget. Digital camcorders in particular are great camcorders for teenagers because along with shooting their own video they can also edit their video on your home computer and make DVDs for friends and family members. Here are some of the top camcorders for teenagers.

Can I take digital pictures with a camcorder?

Digital Camcorder Formats
Digital 8, Mini-DV DVD, DVC Pro, HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Camcorder Accessories
Case, Tapes, Tripod, UV Filter

Top 3 Camcorders for Teenagers
Canon ZR600, Sony DCR-H26, Panasonic GS39

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