xVideoServiceThief - Video Downloader

xVideoServiceThief (a.k.a xVST) is a tool for downloading your favourite video clips from a lot of video websites.

xVideoServiceThief also provide you the ability to convert each video in most popular formats: AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MP3 file formats.

xVideoServiceThief offers:

* Cross-Platform: xVideoServicethief is available for the following platforms:
o Microsoft Windows Vista™, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT 4, Me/98
o Mac® OS X, 10.3 and 10.4
o Linux®, Solaris®, HP-UX, IRIX, AIX, many other Unix variants
* Simultaneous downloads: Download more than one video at same time
* Pause and resume your downloads (some servers do not support pause/resume functions, for example YouTube)
* Free!: Paying for...? Why? Anyways you can help the project here.
* Automatic Updates: Get te last version of xVideoServiceThief automatically
* Drag & Drop functions: Drag and Drop the video link directly to the xVideoServiceThief
* Multilanguage: Use xVideoService in your language
* Session Manager: Save and Restore your download lists
* Download's Log: Save a list with all downloaded vide (Date + Title + URL)
* Accessible information: xVST has usable information for people with disabilities
* Children protection: Disable adult website support
* Customizable websites: Select which websites are allowed and which websites must be blocked
* Tray Icon functions: xVideoServiceThief can work in background mode
* Proxy server support: Is currently under beta version
* Bug Report: You can help to improve the future versions
* Open Source: The xVST is developed under the GNU General Public License


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