Five fruits that work magic on your skin - Tips to look younger in 2010

Five fruits that work magic on your skin

Face it. Fruits can make you glow in more ways than one.

1. Papayas

"A papaya contains the enzyme papain, making it an excellent cleanser. It
also helps revive blemished and undernourished skin. It is particularly good
for oily skin and also lightens skin colour," says beauty expert Shahnaz

Use ripe papaya pulp as it is or mix with oatmeal, honey or curd and
apply on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water when dry.
Put a mix of papaya and cucumber pulp under the eyes to minimise dark

2. Apples

"Apart from vitamins and minerals, apples also contain pectin and tannin
that help tone and tighten the skin and improve blood circulation. Apples
are specially effective for those with sensitive and fair skin," says
natural beauty expert Suparna Trikha

To take care of sunburnt skin, add a teaspoon of glycerine to apple pulp
(grate the apple or put in mixie) and apply on your face for fifteen
minutes. Wash off with cold water.

For tired and undernourished skin, mix two teaspoons of grated apple, two
pieces of mashed papaya, one teaspoon of fresh cream and a teaspoon of China
clay. Apply the mixture to a clean face and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off
with cold water for healthy-looking skin.

3. Bananas

"Fresh, ripe bananas make excellent face masks. Bananas don't only tighten
and cleanse pores, they also revitalise dry skin," says Dr Shobha
Sehgal, head of business, day spa and beauty zone, VLCC.

Mash two ripe bananas with a tablespoon of honey. Smooth over the face
and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to reveal soft, supple
and hydrated skin.

4. Oranges

"The citrus family is best known for its astringent and toning properties.
Rub fresh orange peel on your skin to tighten it and lighten the colour,"
says beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.

Take the juice of two oranges and freeze it in an ice tray. Rub your face
with the frozen orange juice cubes whenever you need to look good after a
tiring day. The orange juice will give your tired, dull and oily face an
instant pick-me-up sheen.

5. Pomegranates

"Pomegranates are excellent for oily and combination skin. Rich in AHA,
pomegranate juice acts as an astringent and is a natural toner too," says
Suparna Trikha.

Pound pomegranate seeds and use as a face scrub. This will remove excess
oil and make your skin look fresh.

Using cotton wool, massage around 50 ml pomegranate juice on your face
for 10 minutes. Wash off for an instant glow.

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