How to start windows in Safe Mode?

Common Method to start windows in Safe Mode:

1) Start the computer, if it's already running, reboot it.
2) After the POST (Power On Selt Test) and before windows's loading, type several times the F8 (or F5) key
3) The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears
4) Select "safe mode" using the up and down key, Press "Enter"
5) Accept any question

Another way, using the System Configuration Utility:

1)Start Windows
2)Go to Start Menu => Run
3)Tape msconfig and press Enter
4)The System Configuration Utility appears
5)Go to BOOT.INI tab
6)Check the "/SAFEBOOT" option
7)Save and restart the computer
8)Your computer will restart in Safe mode.

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JOE2005 said...

Bootsafe can also be used

I am using it for some time. Very useful while trying to clean viruses.