My Rules For A Relations

You can apply these to Family too and vary them. I hope they help you find a
true friend, raise a family, or that good marriage the rest of your life. It
did for me 27 years and still working at it.

1. You are best "Friends":
You tell each other your problems and you both "Listen" until finished. Then
if asked your opinion, you give it, or you may ask; "If you would like to
hear my opinion? " Respect" the answer whether wrong or right.

2. Be a good "Listener":
We all need some one to talk to and what better a person than a "Friend",
Listen to each other.

3. "Respect" one another:
This means "Opinions", "Privacy" and very important, they're "Feelings".

4. Do not find "Faults "in one another:
No one is "Perfect" besides if we were, we wouldn't be here.

5. Learn to "Shut Up":
It takes "Two to Argue", unless you argue with you, then that's another

6. "Comfort" and "Care"
for one another: Sometimes it is badly needed; this is a very important
thing to do.

7. "Love":
Oh yes, "Love" one another the most important thing. Well you are on your
way. Just keep working on the first Six. It may take years.

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