Cornice - Picture Viewer for Linux

Cornice was originally developed to provide more or less the same functionality of ACDSee but on Linux. But since it was developed using Python program language - it is now available on virtually any platform - Windows, Mac and of course Linux.

It has a great navigation and a strong thumbnail viewer - and when you find the picture you are looking for you can easily zoom and rotate it.

At the same time exif data can be shown if they are stored with the image - this could include information on when exactly a photo was taken.

Among other features Cornice can also be used for slideshows - and it is even able to navigate into your zip files.

Cornice is a cross-platform image viewer written in Python + wxPython + PIL. It doesn't pretend to be complete, fast, or even useful, but I like it and it is the viewer I use on both Linux and Windows. It has been inspired by the famous Windows-only ACDSee.

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