Free Screen Capturer

The easiest tool for capturing screenshots and demos from your desktop.

Select the desired capture mode and click "Capture" to save your screenshot to the clipboard, a file, or email.

You can also use various keyboard shortcuts to make frequent capturing even faster, for example use [Ctrl]+[PrtScr] to always capture a region to clipboard, while holding [Shift] will bypass the options dialog and perform "silent" capture.

Besides capturing single screenshots Screen Capturer also captures sequences of screenshots as animated demos that you can email to others or put on the Web.

It is a great tool to create brief tutorials, while it is also an excellent way to capture details when contacting technical support when any application malfunctions or crashes.

Free Screen Capturer features:

* Capture Full Screen, Current Window, Selected Window, Region
* Save captured images in BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats
* Saves captured demos in the popular WMV (Window Media Video) format
* Creates new email with captured image attached
* Allows pasting captured images directly into email body
* Easily and instantly accessible via [PrtScr] button
* Pleasant and modern interface
* Fully free
* Safe product, not an adware, spyware or malware

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