RadWindow for ASP.NET AJAX

RadWindow implements a pop-up window that displays content from an external source (another URL).

You can use this control for a pop-up dialog or tool box, or simply as a secondary window for displaying additional content.

Pop-up windows can be modal (disabling the rest of the page) or nonmodal (allowing the user to interact with the rest of the page while the pop-up is showing).

You have full control over what causes windows to appear, where they appear, and what size they start at. By specifying the icons that appear in the title bar, you can let users minimize, maximize, resize, move, pin, and close RadWindow controls with no coding on your part.

If you don't want to allow users these capabilities, you can remove any or all of the controls from the title bar, or even hide the title bar entirely.

Unlike ordinary browser pop-up windows, RadWindow objects are not suppressed by the Windows XP SP2 popup blocker mechanism.

Also unlike browser windows, you can minimize RadWindow pop-ups into minimization zones that you add to the parent window.

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