SAGE : Mathematics Software

SAGE is open source mathematics software that can be used to studying elementary to advanced number theory, algebra, cryptography, group theory and so much more. It includes interfaces to many other software applications
, both commercial and open source, enabling you to use them together. Mathematica, GAP, Octave and MATLAB are just a few of the interfaces that SAGE provides its users.

AGE can be used from a web browser connected to a program on your computer or one running elsewhere and works with Windows, Mac and Linux with Mozilla Firefox as the optimum browser. The SAGE notebook can create mathematical formulae, embedded graphics and more. Visualizing formulas and other calculations is easy with SAGE.

Two very active email lists provide support should you need it. There is documentation and manuals to download and even a manual for newbies. SAGE is both simple to use and versatile, providing an open source product that equals the quality of commercial offerings such as Magma and Mathematica.

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