DriverMax - Freeware Application for u

Drivermax is a freeware application designed to be a complete package for managing drivers.

It has the ability to import and export drivers, check for driver updates, identify unknown hardware and show detailed hardware information.

Best of all, if you are working with a system and dont have the driver CD for it, it’ll scan to see what drivers are needed and provide you with the direct download link to it.

All of the drivers they have on file (99,726 at the time of this article) are stored on their servers so you dont have to worry about broken links or manufacturers going broke and disappearing.

As you can imagine, this would be useful to use on a system you are about to format but it is also handy to keep on a system long term as it can run in the background checking for driver updates every now and then and automatically update for you.

The only downside of this application is you have you sign up for an account with Drivermax and enter a registration key, both are free, its just taking the time to do it. Aside from that, its a great all-in-one tool to manage any driver problems.

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