How Can I Enable RDC in Windows 2003?

Remote Desktop is a great way to work on your computer from basically anywhere (if you set up your internet connection sharing device properly). The port it runs on is 3389, forward that on your router to be available from anywhere in the world.

Procedure :

1) Click the Start button, and right-click My Computer and click Properties from the pop-up menu

Go to the "Remote" tab and check "Allow users to connect remotely to this machine"

At this point, only Administrators can access the machine. To allow more users, click "Select Remote Users..." and click the "Add" button in the new dialog

In the next dialog, type in the name of a regular user and press OK

And that's all!

To connect to a virtual desktop (2 are allowed in Windows Server 2003) run "MSTSC" from a Windows XP/2003 machine and type the address

For other systems you can download the RD client 5.2 from this address

To connect to the console session, you must either have logged in locally to the machine, then try accessing it, or be an Administrator.

You run either "mstsc /console" or connect to /console.

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