How to Quit Smoking in Easy Way?

You are addicted to the cigaratte if you are having it for a long time. Thing that make you addict to the cigaratte is nicotine in it.

Nicotine is the natural substances that present in the tobacco leaves and there are about 4% of the weight of plants.

There are about 7-20 mg of nicotine present in the cigaratte in one stick after the processing. In the general, the smoker take 1 mg. Of nicotine per one stick. So how could you get rid of nicotine and quit smoking?

It’s really hard to quit smoking, it’s takes a lot of guts not to start to light up another cigaratte and take it.

It’s that hard to come up with and large number of will power to keep yourself away form that smoke. You are going to face with those withdrawn sypmtoms attacks and the craving.

However, you who are among those addict to the nicotine have to be grateful that the science and technology now are providing you many choices to quit smoking.

Few effective ways and quite simple to quit smoking.


There are many different prescribes from the doctors who are helping those smoker to fight with the smoking habits.

There could be either sedatives or relaxation, these two will help to control and calm your nerve.

The prescribtion will help in reducing the discomfort that come with the withdraw carving symptoms.

Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy; this is counted a moderate way that effect the quitng smoke.

Thre are quite few people willing to commit in a hypnosis sessions.the method of auto-suggestion to give the smoker the willing desire to quit smoking during the theraphy session.

Will power; It’s even hard to making a plan for quit smoking, the will power is the thing that will help you to keep in mind that quite smoke is very hard to success.

The person who has no high will are the one that will never success in their life.

You have to keep in mind that you will be able to quit the smoking as long as you willing to.

Hanging around with the support person can be anybody, that you feel like they are encourage you to get through the situation.

Seek counseling. Counselors, seek their help; you may wiling to have one for yourself during the time you are fighting with the smoking.

The professional helps may bring up something that you might miss out by doing on your own. .

It helps boost up your morale and bring you back on track to quitting smoking.

Stop using smoking aids. It's just that smoking aids do nothing more than release little amounts of nicotine into your bloodstream.

Try not to use the smoking aid for stop smoking. Since the smoking aid do nothing more than supply your bloodstream with nicotine.

It’s only good to please your body's nicotine craving with no dangerous tar and poisonous gases those present in cigarettes.

Nevertheless, the nicotine still there, there is a high chance for the smoker to get addict to the smoking aid instead.

Substitute therapies. There could be those therapies including; acupressure, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and aromatherapy.

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