Miscellaneous SQL Server Objects

  • Synonyms

    A synonym is an alternative name for a schema-scoped object. It is a single-part name to reference a base object. A synonym is similar to an alias, but it replaces a two-part, three-part, or four-part name.

  • Database diagrams

    A database diagram is a graphical design of a table or set of tables that can be used to illustrate the tables and relationships within a database.

  • Statistics Stored within a table, statistics are automatically created and optionally supplemented histograms.

  • Assemblies

    An assembly references a managed application module (DLL file) that was created in the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR).

  • Proxies

    In the msdb context, a proxy defines security context and provides the SQL Server Agent access to credentials for a Windows user.

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