How to find values for Maths Equation using Microsoft Live Search?

We used to do some small mathematics calculations using Google Search Engine.

For Example, If we give 120*32, it will results 120 * 32 = 3840. See the result below.

We can get the Rupees conversion from USD using Google Search.
Type 1$ in inr in the Textbox, it will show 1 US$ = 49.4804552 Indian rupees.

We can find the value for variable, get the results of mathematics equation using Microsoft Live Search. This is new feature only in Live Search.

Type 3x=18 and Press Enter in Live Search. It will display 3x=18 : x=6.

Please enter x+(x*8)=256 there, you can see the value of the variable x;

x+( x*8)=256 : x=28.444444

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