How to show animated .gif file in blog post?


The following links are used to get freeware applications to create .gif files

Please do not try with Picasa to do it. It won't show animated .gif in your blog post.

Here is the simple solution to do it.

Instead of uploading .gif file into Picasa, Please Upload it into Photobucket.

1:Please Login into Photobucket
2. Upload .gif file from your computer to Photobucket
3. Click the Share link on top of the uploaded image

4. Copy the html code from photobucket for that particular file
5. Paste into the html editor of your blog.
You can see the animated .gif file on top of this post.
The html code copied from photobucket is here.


Corry Shores said...

Thanks very much. I really appreciate your help. Corry Shores

TamilNenjam said...

welcome dear dude