Inspirational Quotes - Must read

Success is stairs you can not climb while your hands in your pocket.

Trying to touch the candle from it's flame .. your hand will burn out.

Severe storms crashed huge tree .. but it does not affect the Green Brushwood that bow to it.

You can forgot who share laughs with you .. but sure you can't forget who share cries with you.

Beware of door which has many keys.

People are not planning for failure ... But they fail only in the planning.

Don't be so sweet to be eating nor so bitter to be spit out

If we saw ourselves as others see us we wouldn't talked to them for a moment.

Smile a good word without Characters

Those who are fighting fire with fire .. usually obtained ash

Smacks smash windows only .. But refined iron

Wise person who made a boat to cross the river, rather than to build walls around himself for protections from flooding.

Learn to say I do not know .. coz if you say I do not know they will teach you untill you know .. and if you say I know they will keep asking untill you don't know.

The vulnerability of the wall .. Tempt thieves

Who loses wealth loses much .. and who lose a friend loses too much.. and who loses the courage he lose everything.

Stay away from the angry man little bit .. and stay away from The silent man forever.

Do not think of the missing .. So as not to lose the existing.

If you consulted the wise, his mind will become yours.

Whenever you good at dividing your time ... your day will became as a room for many things.

and Finally,

The good word it's not an arrow ... But it's still penetrate the heart'''

“ Be the sky above you,
blue Soft be the road below you,
Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
Have a Good Day....

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