Google Chrome 3.0 Released

Google Chrome 3.0 - Latest Release

Google is the ultimate search engine in the internet world. It released Google Chrome 3.0 now. It is available for free download now. G-Mail came before 5 years, But still it is in Beta - The engineers in Google are still working on Gmail to improve, enhance it. They are releasing so many new features in Gmail.

Even Microsoft is the competitor to Google, they are showing their advertisements in Google's adsense. I searched for office 2007 in google search engine. It is showing Microsoft's advertisement.

Please see the proof below :

Like that Google is still supporting for Firefox, after releasing its own Browser Google Chrome. Just check it here :

Please see the proof below:

Google Chrome 3.0 has many unique features. It Auto correcting misspelled words is one of the new feature. They fixed many issues in this current release.

Download Google Chrome 3.0 from here :

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