How to improve your memory?

5 simple tips Scott Bornstein, founder of Bornstein Knowledge Management Systems and a leading international lecturer in the field of memory training, highlights 5 simple memory enhancement tips.

Believe in yourself Don't let negative expectations defeat you.

If you expect to fail, you won't even try. If you find yourself thinking, "I can't remember names," substitute "I may forget some names, but after the Views from the Top conference I will always do better."

Focus your attention on what you really want to remember No one can remember everything. So put effort and energy into those areas that are most important to you. Much of what is called forgetting is a lack of attention. Before you blame your memory, ask yourself if you were really paying attention.

Relax Tension interferes with the memory process; relaxing often lets the memory come to the surface. When you feel anxious about the possibility of forgetting, you may become preoccupied with the anxiety and unable to concentrate on recalling the needed information. The solution is to take a deep breath and relax; often the information will come to you.

Give yourself plenty of time People of all ages forget more frequently when they are rushing. In general, if you have enough time to think about what you need to accomplish, you are less likely to forget something. You may also find that you need more time for learning new information and for recalling information from long-term memory.

Give yourself a little additional time and see if it helps in encoding and retrieving information.
Be organized The old saying, "A place for everything, and everything in its place" is good advice for memory improvement. Make a decision to improve your organizational skills in whatever ways are important to you. If you routinely put your keys, glasses, purse, and bills in the same place, you will not waste time searching for them.

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