How to Rename Multiples files in a single click?

We people are downloading lots of files in the internet.
But the downloaded files's names are not in proper format.
For example, Yesterday I downloaded a page with full of images based on Adventures.
But all the file names in that page are not related to Adventures.
They named each file in different format like a23fsd23.jpg.

I felt that names are meaningless - not related to Adventures.
I planned to rename multiple files in single click.
I found File Renamer Basic tool.
We can change the file names for multiple files in a single click using this amazing tool.

We can customize the name format using this tool.

Just try to download it from here :


விஷ்ணு. said...

Yes, Actually i download lot of files from internet and those names are meaningless. Actually i took server minutes to change the names of those files. Now it is easy job. Great Tamilnejam to post these kind of information.

தமிழ்நெஞ்சம் said...

Welcome Dear : Vishnu