Restart Remote PC using Twitter

How to Shutdown a Remote PC using Twitter?

TweetMyPC is a cool application used to shutdown / restart/ logoff a Remote PC using Twitter.

You need to download TweetMyPC application from here.

Create a new Twitter account in

This account is specifically for your PC.

Install TweetMyPC application in your targeted PC to be shutdown without human intervention.

Run the application and give User name and password (That is PC's Twitter account).
Enable the check box : Start Automatically with Windows.

No need to modify any configuration in your machine as well as browser.

Now for testing purpose login into using PC's Twitter account just before you created.

Try to update a message with any of the following commands: Shutdown or Restart or Logoff

Immediately the TweetMyPC application installed on the Target PC recognize your command and it will do the necessary action.

Download Location :

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