A-Z about Successful Married life

Tips for Successful Married Life…!

A bsolutely adore each other.
B e best friends.
C ompromise.
D iscover new things together.
E ncourage each other.
F orgive and forget.
G aze into each others eyes.
H old hands and hug a lot.
I nspire and intrigue each other.
J oke and laugh and have fun.
K iss Kiss Kiss.
L ove with all your hearts.
M arvel at each other's talents.
N uture each other's soul.
O vercome problem together.
P lay games.
Q uiet each other's fears.
R emember the little things.
S ay "I love you" everyday.
T ake time for tenderness.
U nderstand and care deeply.
V alue everything you share.
W ish on stars together.
X -press your true feelings.
Y earn for each other's touch.
Z zzzz in each other's arm.

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