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We are storing our valuable important data in our PC's hard disk every time.
we are storing E-mail collections, songs, movies, pictures, official documents in our Hard disk. But we people are occasionally taking backup of our data. One of my friend he is taking data backup very rarely.

Our Hard disk may fail at any time. 1 of 10 hard disk is failing randomly every year. If the problem is very serious we can't get the complete data from in it.
Some people are spending up to 7500$ in a year to get back / recover their important data after hard disk failure. provides 2 GB free space to us to store our data online.

If you want more space you can go for the unlimited MozyHome edition
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You need to upload your documents, data to when ever possible. When your hard disk fails, you can immediately get all your uploaded important data from provides insurance for your valuable data. got more than 1 million customers till now.

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