convert AMR to MP3, FLV to AVI, ZIP to RAR

How to convert AMR to MP3, FLV to AVI, ZIP to RAR?

We know many web sites provides free service to convert our files into different formats like AMR to MP3, ZIP to RAR, FLV to AVI. But those sites are supporting limited number of file formats only. web site provides wonderful service to convert 100+ file formats.

We do not need to download any software application from the internet to do file conversion. You need to give the specific URL for the file or file path from the PC and e-mail address of yours, and target file type.

After the conversion is successful, you will recieve e-mail from That e-mail contains the link for the converted file.

Validity for the link is just 3 days. So, you must download the converted file within 3 days.


Alex said...

I know a lot of programs in the Internet,but some of them liked me and I downloaded it. I downloaded it and one of them was corrupted. At first I didn't know what to do next and used the Google and noticed there - how to repair a corrupted rar file. The utility solved my issue for seconds and without payment as far as I remember. Moreover it helped my friend in similar condition.

Tech Shankar said...

Thanks to : Alex