How to detect language of any text?

Foreign Language Identification Tools

I have got one e-mail from my foreign friend yesterday. But that e-mail was written in foreign language. I was not able to understand that mail and also unable to find which language it was.

I decided to search about it in internet. Google gave me 3 ultimate language detection tools.

whatlanguageisthis - It is giving results rapid fast. If that site fails, it will clearly display "Confused with the input".

language detect
- It is a very very simple interface given by google. If we paste the text in the textbox there, it will immediately display the language of foreign text.
- This site is able to detect more than 85 different type of languages around the world. We can simply paste our text in a textbox / upload the document which was written in foreign langauge / e-mail to that site / just tweet to that site.

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