How to identify unauthorized access of your G-Mail Account?

How to identify unauthorized access of your G-Mail Account?

Most of us using G-Mail free service.

Are you conscious about any security compromising in your G-Mail?
Do you feel any suspicious activity in your G-Mail account?

Please do the following procedure to check the security threat.

1) Open your favourite browser (I like Firefox)

2) Please login to

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the web page.

At the bottom, you can see 'Details' link near by 'Last Account Activity'.

Please do click on Details. It will reveal all the Access Type, Date and Time, IP Addresses of your G-Mail Account's Recent activity history.

Your current IP with active session also display there. If somebody (3rd person) logged in your account somewhere else, that person's IP address also displaying over there.

If you are finding any suspicious thing, Please Sign out of all other active sessions.

Please change your password and security question immediately. This is the cool feature in G-Mail.


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