How to store several values of text in Clipboard?

Windows Operating System consists its own internal built-in Clipboard tool.

But if any person is doing more copy,paste work - this tool is not worthy.

We can copy-paste only one content at a time using default Clipboard utility.

We can not store multiple items in it at the same time.

CopyPasteTool is the alternative freeware application for you.

Please try to install CopyPasteTool from :

After installing this tool, it will sit on the Taskbar's system tray.

This small tool allows to save several values of text in clipboard and paste them. Use standard keys for copying (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) as usual, but if you want to paste previous text in clipboard then simply press V again and don't release CTRL.

It's free.

Do you want to try it in your computer :

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