See the contents of zip file before downloading it

How to See the contents of zip file before downloading it?

We people are downloading more files from the internet day by day. Many of the files are in compressed state. We are downloading, then opening / extracting the compressed file to see what is inside in it? So, We are not aware of the contents inside the compressed file before downloading.

Sometimes we may download unnecessary zip files - because - we do not know the contents of the zip.

If we want to know what is inside the compressed file, we can use this firefox add-on.

It is named as ArchView. After installing this addon, we need to restart the firefox for the first time. When we click on the compressed file while surfing, it will show the contents inside the browser. So we can assure about the zip file.

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2009kr said...

I have done firefox proxy configuration (As per your instruction- it is so clear). But after changing the setting It doesn't browse any web site. Then I have changed the proxy configuration and now it is working well.

Please suggest.