Web Research Spy Tool - SpyOnWeb

We are surfing as many web sites / blogs in the ocean of internet. Each and every web site / blog has its owner. Each owner may have multiple web sites / blogs.

More persons are using adsense, analytics services from google. They are using adsense, analytics codes in their web sites / blogs. I am also using the JavaScript code given by google analytics, adsense.

http://spyonweb.com/ web site will show surprising results about the web site. Here we need to give web site name or publisher id of the adsense.

This site displays the result as what the other sites, blogs which are owned by the same publisher or same owner of the given web site.

About SpyOnWeb :

From now on, everyone could be a spy — at least on the web.

Simply enter website url, ip address, google adsense or google analytics code and find out what resources belong to the same owner.

Free of charge!
Warning: the results may be very surprising...

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