Untiny - URL preview tool

The main reason of Untiny is that some of the tiny services are blocked in some countries although the original long URL is not blocked. Untiny retrieves the original URL so you can access it - if it is not blocked too. Untiny is NOT a proxy breaker! Untiny is useful service that lets you view the original URL behind the short URL, so even if the shortened URL is blocked you can still access the original URL it points to.

  • You can easily extract original long URLs behind short URLs.
  • It supports 100+ most popular URL shortening services in internet.
  • You can easily extract the original URL from the website or directly from the browser’s address bar.


Sharon said...

Does it support http://aafter.us/?


தமிழ்நெஞ்சம் said...

Hi Sharon, It is not supporting http://aafter.us/?