Ubuntu Live DVD - Innovation Unlimited

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  • You can run the Operating System in your PC using Live DVD / CDs.
  • You need to Burn Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4 in a DVD using any Burning Application.
  • Change the Boot Sequence into DVD drive instead of floppy or hard disk in your POST setup.
  • Insert the Live DVD in your DVD drive after starting your PC.
  • Boot DVD will ask the question about - "Try Ubuntu without any changes to your computer". select it and press Enter.
  • Then it will load the entire operating system into your RAM.
  • It will install the entire OS which includes all the drivers like Display adapter, Network adapter, Modem drivers etc.,
  • It will load Open Office 3.0, GIMP editor, Firefox etc., into RAM.
  • Within 1 minute it will load those things in your RAM. That is awesome.
  • You can recover data from existing bad hard disk using this Live DVD.
  • Data Recovery process will involve using one more DVD drive or USB drive.
  • You can't eject the DVD while running Live DVD.
  • You need high capacity of RAM for your PC while running this.
  • See this Video : How To Make A Ubuntu Live CD and How To Use It!