Easily Edit your Home Movies Online

Digitize your media to files that you can view and edit online!
Share online for free! Create DVDs or hi-res downloads from your content for an additional low fee.

Upload movie files directly from your computer. Free up to 10GB. Unlimited for Pro members.

Formats that Pixorial supports

Pixorial makes it easy to get almost any type of personal movie or video onto your account.

There are two simple ways to upload your content onto Pixorial:

  • Upload video directly from your computer
  • Send us your old film and videotapes and we’ll transfer and upload the video directly into your account for you

Either way, you will be able to enjoy all of your content in one place, on a password-protected website just for you!

Pixorial supports the following media formats:

  • For Direct Uploads -- .avi, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .dv, .rm, .wmv. and 3gp. Upload up to 768 MB at a time.
  • To Send to Pixorial for Upload -- VHS, VHS-C, Digital8, Hi8, Betamax, miniDV, and 8mm, Super 8 and Super 8 film with sound, DVDs and memory cards, up to 6GB. (HD and 16 mm coming soon!) View Pricing.

And Pixorial preserves your master content on redundant servers, a virtual "vault", so that even while you are enjoying your content online, all of your digitized files are safe, secure and cannot be destroyed or damaged.

Equally important, anything you make on Pixorial, can be rendered at broadcast-quality, in full-resolution.


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