How to install Sharepoint 2010 in Windows 7?

It is somewhat difficult to install Sharepoint 2010 in Windows 7.

I downloaded Sharepoint 2010 from this link : SharePoint 2010 Beta

I tried to install Sharepoint 2010 directly in Windows 7 without reading any guidance. It results the above Error Message. Then I searched in Google to get some knowledge about it. I found a great post to do this in MSDN.

Please visit this post : Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server

Step 1: Choose and Preconfigure the Operating System
Step 2: Install the Prerequisites for SharePoint 2010
Step 3: Install SharePoint 2010
Step 4: Install Visual Studio 2010 and Developer Documentation
Step 5: Create Hyper-V Images from Your Installed System

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C said...

I think what's really exciting about installing SharePoint on Windows 7 is the speed. But one of the benefits of being in the cloud-hosted environment with SharePoint Online is also speed, so it would be interesting to draw a comparison as to the effectiveness of the two.